Why you should use auto subtitles for your videos

Why you should use auto subtitles for your videos

The importance of adding subtitles is well known at this point: they make your videos more accessible to viewers that are hard of hearing or who may not speak the language your video was recorded in. Subtitles will also boost the amount of views and engagement your social media videos get tremendously, since most people tend to watch these kinds of videos on mobile devices, with the sound turned off. 

While the benefits of adding subtitles to your videos are very well known and talked about in the online content creators/marketing community, the topic of auto subtitles is rarely brought up. That’s probably because auto subtitle generators weren’t really all that precise before. 

Over the past couple of years, however, machine learning and neural networks have really helped change this and we feel like we’re at a point where anyone can reliably use an auto subtitle generator for their video, especially if the main spoken language is English. 

Below, we’re going to explore some of the ways in which using auto subtitles can help you as a content creator or video marketer: 


Never transcribe audio again 

If you’re doing short video tutorials or marketing videos you’re probably recording with a written script, so this might not be a problem for you. Those of you that do spoken word, long-form content definitely understand the pain of having to listen back to and transcribe hours of audio.

Whether it’s a podcast or an online class or webinar, having to listen to yourself talk is never nice and it’s even worse if you type slowly and have to constantly pause in order to keep up with the typing.

Well, luckily for you, this is one of the two main things that auto subtitles solve. You won’t ever have to waste hours listening back to your videos and typing everything out by hand. Just open your video up in an online video editor like Flixier, click a button and we’ll generate subtitles from your video.  

You don’t even have to worry about mistakes, since our subtitle generating technology is powered by machine learning and transcribes everything with incredible precision. 

Speaking of precision, this takes us to the second big issue that auto-generated subtitles fix: 


Don’t worry about syncing subtitles

The worst thing about making subtitles yourself is having to sync them properly, especially if your content is going to be watched online, where people can’t fix any delays or desyncs using their video player. 

Even if you use a tool like Flixier that lets you sync manually-created subtitles with a visual interface, having to go through the whole video and adjust timings is just as tedious as having to transcribe dialogue, except now any mistakes can completely ruin the flow of your video and make it frustrating for the viewer to watch it. 

That’s why we think one of the biggest benefits of auto generated subtitles is the fact that they are synchronized automatically, meaning that you won’t have to worry about trying to get the timings right. Just click a button and your video subtitles will be ready to go, without you having to put any work into syncing them! 

To learn more about how to generate subtitles with Flixier, you can check out a detailed video tutorial below: 


No need for subtitle editing apps 

If you’ve ever tried to use a subtitle editing app for your videos, you’ve probably seen that they’re all geared towards professional productions rather than online content. They have dated interfaces and offer a myriad of options that are not only useless for most online creators, but also overwhelming for most people. 

Meanwhile, auto generated subtitles can easily be added to videos through online video editors like Flixier and don’t require more than a few clicks in order to set up! 


If you want to make your own videos more accessible and improve engagement, feel free to register a free Flixier account and add automated subtitles to your videos in minutes!

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