Boost your video output with Flixier templates

Boost your video output with Flixier templates

Making videos is incredibly important these days, whether you’re a business owner trying to promote your brand, an online personality trying to reach more people or a teacher trying to adapt to a remote learning environment. 

By far one of the biggest challenges that people face making videos, however, is how time consuming the whole process is. Recording and editing a video simply takes longer than any other form of online content, which is unfortunate considering how popular videos are and how big the demand for video content is these days. 

One of our main goals when developing Flixier has always been to reduce the time it takes to make videos as much as possible. We already do that by cutting the rendering time down to only two minutes, but that’s not all: today, we introduce Templates


What are video templates?

You can think of video templates as a starting point. They’re videos that are professionally edited and include all of the professional elements that you’d want to include in a clip: things like motion graphics, animated titles, transitions and music. All you have to do is customize them and replace the media in them to make them your own. 

A template being edited in Flixier

How hard is it to replace the media in a video template?

Replacing the media used in a Flixier video template isn’t hard at all! All you have to do is add your videos to your Library and then Right Click on the element you want to replace, choose the Replace option and drag your own media over to it. 

The replace media option


Customize everything in a template 

Since video templates handle so much of the editing work for you, you might be concerned that they won’t give you enough control over the way your video looks. With most video editing apps, that would be true, but that’s not the case with Flixier!

Every single element in our templates is fully customizable: from fonts, to colors, transitions and even the music and placement of things. This means that you can tinker with a template as much as you need to in order to make it yours. Of course, you can still use them exactly as they come and be done with editing in a few seconds, but we also wanted to give you the option to really make your videos stand out if that’s what you desire! 

An example of animation customization options

And if you’re worried about having to edit the template each time you make a new video, you’ll be happy to hear that…

You can save your own templates!

That’s right! If you decide to edit one of our templates and customize it, you won’t have to do that every time you want to make a new video on the same template. 

Just use the Save As button to save your new project as a duplicate and then you’ll be able to use that as a starting point for future projects, so even if you want to customize things to the max, you only have to do that once, not every time you make a video! 

The Save As option highlighted in red

We hope this blog post helped you get a better idea of what video templates are and how you can use them to speed up video production. Now that you know everything there is to know about them, you can head over to Flixier and start putting out regular videos for your audience!


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