Discover The Top Features That Make Flixier The Best Intro Maker For Your Videos

Discover The Top Features That Make Flixier The Best Intro Maker For Your Videos

Join the ranks of more than 30,000 others who are currently using Flixier to create the absolute best, most visually stunning videos, presentations, slideshows, and more!

With Flixier, you’ll have access to all the best video editing tools and resources, all packed into a highly versatile and easy-to-use interface.

Below, we’re looking precisely at why Flixier is the best intro maker for YouTube or any other video formats. 


Easy To Use Video Editor

When you decide to use Flixier for your next video editing project, you won’t just be getting a basic video editing interface; you’ll have access to the absolute best premium editing software on the market built explicitly for people just like you!

Of course, you’ll have access to basic editing features, such as being able to cut, trim, and crop your video or image segments. But you’ll have gained the ability to add eye-catching motion graphics, visual effects, and more to your video creation projects.

Plus, we’ve made Flixier’s intro maker so easy to use that virtually anybody can make sense of our simple drag and drop editing tools.


Professional Tools

Whether you’re working with digital photos, videos, or music, Flixier’s free intro maker provides you with the professional-level tools every editor craves!

When you use Flixier, you’ll be able to instantly add motion to your photos or depth to your videos by leveraging our advanced timelapse, freeze frame, or slow-motion editing features.

Use our professional video editing tools to customize your videos, and turn them into visual masterpieces that everyone will love!

Then, instantly save or upload your projects to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, or other online destinations.

Note you can also use Flixier as a gaming intro maker!


Free Stock Templates

Every great video needs an introduction, middle, and conclusion, which is precisely why we’ll give you access to our massive online library containing more than 2 million free-to-use video templates, images, and music files.

Using our free stock files, you can easily craft intros for your videos that are practically guaranteed to hook your viewers and keep them watching right until the end!


Real-Time Collaboration

Whether you’re working together with a client, coworker, business partner, or a friend to create your videos, Flixier makes it easy to collaborate in real-time on your video intros until you get things just right.

Just like Google Docs, you’ll be able to instantly share files and access your video projects so you and your team can edit and make changes in real-time.

You can even ask for feedback on your recent changes with a touch of a button!


Integrated Social Media Sharing

After creating a video masterpiece, there’s no doubt that you want to share it with the world!

That’s why we’ve made it easy to instantly upload and share your videos to YouTube and other online destinations directly from our easy-to-use editing interface.

You can even use the built-in YouTube intro video integration features to set your content’s headline and description and schedule your video posts to go live later!


Make The Best Intros For Your Videos! - Try Flixier’s Intro Maker!

As the best YouTube intro maker around, you’ll get powerful, professional-level video editing software packed into an easy-to-use interface, and all at an affordable price.

Plus, you can even try Flixier for free! 

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