Editing your Zoom cloud recordings in Flixier

Editing your Zoom cloud recordings in Flixier

In this new landscape where working remotely has become the new norm and video conferencing is now essential to both our professional and personal lives, Zoom is ubiquitous. Over the last couple of months the platform has skyrocketed in popularity and has seen usage in business, governmental and academic environments as well as personal use.

One of the platform’s most useful features is the Record option. This lets you use Zoom itself to record your meetings with the click of a button and store them either locally or in the cloud (with the latter option being available for those with a pro, business or enterprise account) without having to fiddle with any third party screen capturing software. The Record option is available not only on desktop but also on Android and iOS mobile devices (where screen recording is typically more cumbersome), however mobile devices only allow you to record to the cloud.

Being able to create video recordings of your Zoom meetings can definitely come in handy in a variety of ways, from helping to keep your colleagues who couldn’t attend up-to-date on what was discussed, to creating video content such as webinars or podcasts. 


The importance of editing


Sometimes, however, your video recordings may require some editing. You might want to add an intro, cut out bits such as long silences (there’s no need for the 10 minutes break you all took to be a part of the recording) or even overlay graphics and images to help your audience better understand the topics being discussed.

The editing process would typically be taxing on both your time and your hardware, requiring you to have enough space on your hard drive to store the recordings and a powerful enough computer to be able to edit and render them in a reasonable time frame (depending on the length of your recording, rendering can take hours, even on average or otherwise speedy computers). 


How Flixier can help you


This is where Flixier comes in. Our platform aims to make the editing process less laborious by removing all of the barriers and time sinks and allowing you to focus solely on editing. With our new Zoom integration, you can simply link your Flixier and Zoom account together and then import your Zoom video conference recordings from the cloud. This means that you no longer have to waste time and precious hard drive space downloading large video files to your computer.


The Zoom importing videos interface


Browser-based and multi-platform

Moreover, Flixier has been engineered from the ground up to run inside your browser window and be fast and responsive regardless of the hardware you’re using. That means our video editor doesn’t require any installing and can be used on any operating system, whether it’s running Windows, Linux, or MacOS.



If any colleagues want to participate in the editing process, Flixier supports collaboration between team members in a manner similar to Google Docs. You can sync projects and share files with the click of a button, without having to do any rendering and without having to worry about sending each other huge files or meeting up in real life to show your progress.


Lightning fast

Lastly, after you’ve finished editing your recording, Flixier will have it rendered and ready for publishing in 3 minutes or less. Our platform uses cutting edge technology to render your videos in the cloud, meaning you don’t have to wait hours for your video to be ready or worry about your computer overheating during the process. After your video is done rendering, you can also publish it straight to YouTube, Vimeo or other popular video sharing platforms straight from our app. 

We hope this blog post was helpful in illustrating how Flixier can help optimize your workflow when working with Zoom video recordings and we’re looking forward to making your job easier by getting rid of big downloads, installs and long waiting times!

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