How to create Facebook video ads that convert more

How to create Facebook video ads that convert more

Every month, 1.25 billion Facebook users view videos on Facebook Watch. 

Research also shows that Facebook video ads get twice the number of clicks compared to regular image-based ads. 

With stats like these, it's no wonder so many brands have started to focus on creating Facebook video ads to connect and sell to their audiences. 

But with so many ads to watch, it can become difficult for a brand to stand out and grab a customer's attention. 

So keep reading, and we'll go over a few great tips for creating Facebook video ads that bring in more customers. 


1. Focus On Your Target Audience

A good branding strategy requires you to know your target audience. Everything you do or create within your brand must satisfy the needs of your target audience.

Facebook video ads are no different. 

When creating Facebook video ads, you'll have the option to narrow down a custom target audience that your ads will be shown to. 

Choosing the right audience helps to bring more customers. 

Facebook's custom audience feature lets you create a customer file, target those who have visited your website or app, and includes those who have engaged with your content. 


2. View Without Sound 

According to Facebook, 80% of users did not appreciate the auto-play with sound features. 

As a result, Facebook provided users with the option to turn the sound off for video ads until they're clicked on.

In other words, most video ads on Facebook are viewed without sound unless they're able to captivate the viewer into clicking. 

Therefore, it's best if your Facebook video ad communicates and delivers your message using visuals. 

Here are a few tips to help you create the best silent video for your brand.


Use Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning (CC) is a wonderful tool that helps bring your Facebook video ads to the next level. CC provides text viewers can read without having the volume turned on. 

Plus, it offers both accessibility and inclusion for deaf or hard-of-hearing users. 

When you add CC to your Facebook video ads, users are more likely to watch it for longer.

If you don't know how to add Subtitles or Closed Captioning to your videos, don't fret! It's a lot easier than it sounds! Flixier offers a visual, intuitive, easy-to-use way to add subtitles to your promo videos. Check out the video below to see how it works! 

Flixier  Create Project menu asking the user to enter a name and choose an Aspect Ratio


4. Don't Forget A Call-To-Action

An excellent Facebook video ad is going to have a call-to-action. 

A call to action is what gets your customers to click on your brand or product by essentially telling them what to do next. 

Try adding the link to your website or product in the copy of your Facebook video ad and then asking your audience to click on it. 

You could also add a call-to-action image or overlay text in the middle or end of your video. 

Either way, when you give your audience the chance to take action, you'll bring in more customers. 


Create A Facebook Video Ad That Sells!

Creating compelling Facebook video ads isn't as easy as making a short video and hitting the publish button. 

It would be best to create your Facebook video ads by focusing on your target audience, delivering your message without sound, doing what works best on mobile devices, and adding a call to action.

When you hit the mark with these four ingredients, it can genuinely help bring more customers to your business and brand.

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