How to Make TikTok Videos Using Pictures

How to Make TikTok Videos Using Pictures

With more than a billion active users globally, TikTok has become one of the social media networks with the quickest rate of growth. With videos frequently going popular over night, it provides a special platform for individuals to express themselves creatively. Due to their simplicity of creation and potential for original storytelling, picture-based videos on TikTok are becoming more and more popular. 

Is it possible to make a TikTok video with pictures that stands out in the crowded TikTok universe? Don’t worry! With the right tools like Flixier, your go-to online video editor, and some creativity, you can make TikTok videos that are not just fun to watch but can potentially go viral. This guide covers everything you need to know about making videos on TikTok with photos that will wow your current followers and attract new ones.


The Power of Pictures in TikTok Videos: Capturing Hearts, One Image at a Time

It's essential to pause and consider 'why' making TikTok videos with photos is worth your while before diving headlong into the 'how'. Can pictures change the game for your TikTok content? Using images in your TikTok videos has many allure and potential benefits.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Have you ever been enthralled by an old photo album where each image transports you to another time and stirs up a variety of feelings? You may have browsed through your digital galleries, each picture capturing a unique memory or occasion that will never be forgotten. Pictures tell everlasting stories, which is why they are so potent.

It's often said that photographs can convey tales, feelings, and memories better than words can. Due of their immobile character, viewers are prompted to pause, look closer, and frequently, feel more deeply. When used to a TikTok video, this can establish a strong bond with your viewers, enhancing the appeal and retention of your writing. You should always add image to video!


The Canvas of Versatility and Creativity

The options for picture-based videos on TikTok are endless, similar to a blank canvas. Picture films give a fresh and original viewpoint on a variety of topics, whether it's a trip down memory lane, a step-by-step tutorial for your favourite DIY project, a visual feast of your tastiest recipes, or a creative showcase for your company.

Because image videos are so adaptable, you can exercise your imagination by playing with various kinds of content, whether you create a video out of them, add images as a green screen to your new TikTok, or you just post a TikTok slideshow. The ability to adapt to different audience interests is made possible by this adaptability, which also makes your content stand out in the sea of TikToks.


Crafting Accessible and Relatable Video Clips

The accessibility and relatability of image videos is one of their enchanting characteristics. Static graphics help you connect with your audience and make the content and experience more relatable.

Compared to text-heavy or fast-paced videos, picture videos offer a visual story that clarifies complicated concepts, making your material more understandable. Your TikToks become more approachable as a result, which may boost interaction and shares. Who wouldn't want to share a film that touched their soul or piqued their interest, after all?

Pictures in TikTok videos provide flavour, much like the secret ingredients in a delicious dish. They provide your content depth, colour, and flavour that makes it enjoyable to savour. Are you ready to produce your own customised recipe at this point? Let's get to the "how" right now!

Ready to learn how to make a TikTok video with pictures?


How to Make Videos on TikTok with Photos: Harnessing the Power of Flixier

Armed with the understanding of why pictures hold such power in TikTok videos, it's time to move on to the 'how'. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to create engaging TikTok videos with pictures using Flixier.


Step 1: Launching Flixier

Let's start with the beginning, shall we? You'll need to first open Flixier to get started making videos for TikTok. It is a web-based application, so there is no need to download any software or create an account. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can jump on your video and photo editing journey.

You may start creating right away with a few clicks and a selection of sophisticated editing tools, no matter what’s your operating system. How cool is that? 

Should you want to focus on photographs just or learn how to make a TikTok with photos and videos, Flixier's user-friendly interface ensures you have a flawless and enjoyable experience as you start to create your TikTok clips!


Step 2: Selecting the Video Format

Choose your video format after you've launched Flixier. Make sure to use Flixier's 9:16 vertical video format to maximise your material for TikTok. This format makes sure that your images and videos take up the entire screen, giving your visitors a thorough and interesting viewing experience.

The TikTok interface is aligned with your video when you select the 9:16 vertical video format. By doing this, you can make sure that your movie will display flawlessly on their displays and provide a fully immersive experience devoid of irritating black bars or pixelated graphics.


Step 3: Uploading and Arranging Your Photos

It's now time to include your photos after choosing your video type. Upload your selected photographs to Flixier to get started. Images from a recent trip, an occasion, or even from your regular life may be included here. Select multiple images that will pique the interest and emotions of your audience since each one you pick will be crucial to the story you tell in your clip.

Of course, if you want to mix the type of content you create, you can also upload videos after you add pictures.

After you'll be done uploading pictures from your camera roll, arrange them in a way that best tells your story. Almost as important as adding photos, this phase determines how your story will evolve and flow. 

When arranging your photographs, think about the emotional journey you want your audience to take. You might have to try a few different sequences before you find the one that gives your story life.


Step 4: Adding Transitions and Effects

It's simple to add life and excitement to your TikTok production using transitions and effects. Transitions allow a smooth change from one image to the next, keeping your movie interesting and from becoming stagnant.

Flixier offers a variety of transitions, from simple fades to intricate animations. The unique flair that each transition adds gives your movie rhythm and dynamic. Experiment with different transitions and effects to discover the appropriate combination that improves your narrative and gets the desired emotional response from your viewers. You can also add effects and make your video clips stand out!

In case you don’t know how to edit it yourself, you can also use some of the photo templates Flixier is offering. How cool is that?


Step 5: Incorporating Text

Never tame when you want to add text to videos. Text overlays can substantially improve the storyline behind your video. Text can help with understanding, humour, or reinforcing a key idea.

You can include captions, dialogue, or headlines by using the add text tool in Flixier. To make sure the text suits your clip, you can alter the colour, font, and placement. You might boost audience engagement and encourage them to pause, watch, and connect with your material by including text in your video.


Step 6: Setting the Mood: Adding Music

Your choice of music has a big influence on the tone of your video. The right music can make your viewers more emotionally connected to your content by evoking a variety of emotions.

It's simple to add audio to a video when using Flixier. You may choose the music, change the volume, and even set the start and stop times. With the help of this, you can precisely sync your visuals with the music and provide your viewers a fantastic audio-visual experience.


Step 7: Sharing Your Creation: Exporting Your TikTok Video

It's time to broadcast your completed video to the entire planet. By allowing you to post your video directly to TikTok, Flixier makes this procedure easier.

One click is all it takes to upload a video to TikTok in the finest possible quality and format. You don't need to stress over the technical aspects when using Flixier. Then, as soon as you click "Export," watch as your video travels to TikTok, ready to enthral, entertain, and intrigue your viewers.

You don’t even need to launch TikTok from your home page! How cool is that?


Real-Life Examples: Brands Making Waves with Picture-Based Clips on the TikTok App

Taking inspiration from others can be a great way to kickstart your own creative journey. Let's take a look at some brands that have cleverly used pictures-based TikToks to connect with their audience.

Here’s what adding pictures to your TikTok video clip can result in!


Nike Honouring Chinese Heritage 

Nike's TikTok posts have been incredibly creative, particularly one standout video that celebrates Chinese history. The video was made utilising images of their limited edition China kits, each with intricate design details.

You can check it out here: 


Gucci: Fashion in Frames

Gucci has a propensity for producing visually appealing TikTok video clips, as evidenced by one of their most recent TikToks featuring tennis sensation Jannik Sinner. 

The TikTok clip, which is centred on Sinner's exclusive Gucci duffle, highlights the product's elegance and sophistication through a sequence of images.

Here you have it: 


IKEA’s Moving Pictures

IKEA shows us a stunning entryway change in a brilliant TikTok clip that combines images and videos. The film opens with a sequence of photographs depicting various phases of the makeover. This technique efficiently depicts the slow shift and produces a time-lapse impression.

The transformation phase concludes with a video of the finished, fully equipped doorway. The shift from images to video adds a physical touch, making the viewing experience more immersive.

This IKEA TikTok demonstrates the effectiveness of merging photographs and videos to create interesting material that precisely depicts the brand's goods in action.
Here you can check out the post: 


Wrapping Up: Time to Showcase Your Creativity on TikTok with Flixier

We hope you're prepared to embark on the creative journey of creating a TikTok film using photographs as we draw our tutorial to a close. When you use Flixier, you're given a canvas on which to convey your narrative in the most captivating way possible in addition to a powerful online video editor.

Each step is a stroke in your digital artwork, from organising your photographs to the beat of your preferred audio to creating smooth transitions and incorporating captivating text overlays. The best thing, though? The simple to use interface of Flixier makes the whole process not only easy to understand, but also a lot of fun. Exploration, experimentation, and creative expression are the key components.

But keep in mind that while our guide provides the route, the actual travel is up to you. Your distinct perspective is reflected in every film you make. So go ahead and share your experiences with your audience and communicate with them in ways that only you can. Here's to leaving your stamp on TikTok, one movie with lots of pictures at a time!

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