Learn How To Add Lyrics To Any Video With Flixier - The Best Lyric Video Maker App

Learn How To Add Lyrics To Any Video With Flixier - The Best Lyric Video Maker App

Since the dawn of time, humankind has always had an affinity for music. 

Whether it’s the sound of a tribal drumbeat, classical music composed several centuries ago, or modern pop and hip-hop tunes created using an online synthesizer, music can bring people together and evoke a sense of well-being in its listeners. 

Today, modern music videos and lyric videos even go one step further by engaging with the viewer on yet another level; by putting the lyrics in subtitles at the bottom of the screen. 

Ever wonder how to create your very own lyric videos? 

If so, keep reading, and we’ll go over how to create music videos and add lyrics to any video using the world’s best app to make lyric videos!


Make Lyric And Music Videos Fast

Wondering how to make a lyric video?

Flixier was explicitly designed to be as simple, intuitive, and as easy to use as possible. 

Even for individuals with little to no video editing experience, Flixier’s video maker online makes it easy to create lyric videos that look amazing quickly and are complete with visual effects, text animations, and clip transitions. 

Additionally, our lyrical photo video maker with music is entirely cloud powered, meaning that all of your video rendering is done on our end, using our servers. 

This means that your videos will always be ready to export within 3 minutes or less and that the program is guaranteed to run smoothly on any computer, no matter what operating system you’re using. 


Adding Lyrics, Subtitles, Or Close-Captioning

Whether you’re looking to add lyrics, subtitles, or closed-captioning to your videos, Flixier is the best video editing app with lyrics and we’ve made the process as easy as it can be. 

Start by uploading your music video or video clips to your Flixier library.

Then, drag and drop the desired clips directly onto the timeline, where you’ll also be able to cut, trim, and arrange your clips in any chronological order you want. 

Once you’re happy with the order, choose from more than 1,000 fonts and animated texts to enhance your video. Add transitions or text overlays to your video segments to make them as engaging and captivating as possible. 

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Edit, Optimize, And Share Your Music

Once you’ve added lyrics or subtitles to your video, you’ll also be able to cut, trim, and crop your video just the way you want it! In fact, you can even share particularly powerful or moving parts of your lyric videos as Shorts, or post them to TikTok, or Instagram stories/reels. Our online lyric video maker makes it easy to convert clips from landscape to portrait mode. All you need to do is choose a new resolution/aspect ratio and then use the controls that appear on the video canvas to resize and reposition your clip accordingly. You can even use publish your videos straight to TikTok from the Export menu in order to save time and avoid having to download and upload the same video multiple times. 

You’ll also be able to enhance your video using a variety of built-in motion graphics and visual effects that can take any music video from drab to fab in a matter of minutes! 

Even if you want to add photos and images into your videos, you can do so using freeze frames, timelapse videos, and slow-motion shots to make your music videos even more captivating. 

Finally, once you’re happy with your video, you can use Flixier’s social media integration feature to upload and share your content to YouTube automatically. 


Why Make Music And Lyric Videos?

On their own, music videos are a great way to entertain and engage with your target audience. 

But when you go that extra step to add lyrics or subtitles, you ensure that your video will be as engaging and as inclusive as possible.

Get started making music and lyric videos today! 

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