Online video maker, easy, fast and powerful

Flixier is the fastest video maker available. With Flixier you can make beautiful videos with just a few clicks, collaborate in real time with colleagues or friends and publish in minutes with our cloud powered rendering system.

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Online video maker, easy, fast and powerful

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Powerful online video maker

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Our free video maker has most of the features that the paid version has. Usually free video makers are either hard to use, slow or they lack features. This is not the case with Flixier, you will enjoy a similar experience that everyone else is enjoying so you can focus on making the videos you want.
Flixier is built to work online, in your browser. Avoid frustrating downloads and installs of slow software. Just log-in into your Flixier account from any computer and start working on your videos at work, home or on the go. The free online video maker is easy to use, fast and secure.
Our video presentation maker is your go to option, you can instantly load it in your browser and start combining images, videos, sound and text. The built-in stock footage libraries help you easily add more content to your presentation just by dragging and dropping. You can also create Picture in Picture effects and side by side videos to get your point across faster.

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