Skyrocket your sales with an awesome product video

Skyrocket your sales with an awesome product video

Over the last decade, video has slowly but surely taken over the internet, to the point where the most visited website and online platforms are all centered around it. This isn’t just about entertainment, either. A study conducted by Wyzowl determined that in 2021, 86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool. 


That percentage may seem huge, but the explanation for it is pretty straightforward: video content is more sought after than ever before, while videos are easier and cheaper to make now than ever before. Most mobile phones have video cameras that people couldn’t have dreamed of 20 years ago, and the rise of online product video makers means that anyone can edit their own clips without having any previous experience. 


Still not convinced? Keep reading! In this article, we’re going to take a look at what product videos are and why they’re good for sales, as well as give you some tips on how to use videos to grow your business.


What are product videos? 

In case you need a little reminder, product videos are clips that demonstrate the benefits of using your product. They show viewers what it does and how it does it. 


Why do I gain by making product videos? 

Product videos build trust

The old saying that “talk is cheap” is more relevant than ever when it comes to sales. Telling your customers that your product will help them is easy and costs next to nothing, but there’s no reason for them to believe you. Studies have shown that newer generations are more budget-conscious and tend to make more informed purchasing decisions than the ones that came before, so getting people to part with their money is only going to get more difficult as members of generation Z mature into adulthood. 


Product videos allow you to show, rather than tell. It lets your audience make up their own mind about whether or not your product would be useful to them, making the purchasing decision feel like more of a voluntary decision rather than something that they were coaxed into by a good salesman. 

A good product video also leads to a more informed purchasing decision. It gives consumers a way to make sure that the product is right for them before they buy it, leading to a reduced number of unhappy customers and less negative reviews. 


Lastly, a well made product video shows that you’re a serious business that’s willing to put in work in order to satisfy their customers’ needs. Like we said a few paragraphs back, talk is cheap. Making a video is a more involved process and shows that you believe in your product and are willing to put in the work required to promote it in a transparent, consumer-friendly way.


Product videos are more engaging than written descriptions

There’s a reason why video content has taken over the internet. It’s easier to take in than text and tends to draw people in and keep them engaging longer than written articles would.


That’s why making product videos an integral part of your marketing strategy. It keeps people watching (and learning more about your product than they would have otherwise) and it also increases the time they spend on your webpage, which is great for SEO and will boost your rankings in the search results. Speaking of which… 


Product videos can boost SEO

For certain searches, Google can choose to display videos in a little box that comes before the rest of the results. If you make a great product video that gets that coveted spot, you’re golden! It means your product video will be the first thing people see when they look things up, even if your product page isn’t the number one result. 


How to make better product videos


Always keep your target audience in mind

This applies to everything that has to do with marketing and product videos are no different. Figure out who your target audience is and make sure your video appeals to them. Make sure that the person showing off your product in the video is someone they’ll find relatable and focus on the use cases that are going to benefit your audience the most. 


Focus on what matters 

Product videos don’t need to be very long. That’s what reviews and unboxings are for. A product video is supposed to be short and focus on what your product does to help with your customer’s needs. 


You might be tempted to add in details about the manufacturing process or technologies being used, but unless you know for a fact that those are things your audience cares about, they’re more likely to come off as marketing buzzwords and make people leave halfway through the video. 


Make it look professional 

A poorly put together product video isn’t going to get you all that many customers. If people see that you can’t put in the effort to create a decent video, they’ll assume that you couldn’t be bothered to put work into the product either. 


That’s why it’s important to make sure  that your product videos look professional. Luckily,  these days it’s easier to create good quality videos than ever before. Phones have cameras that are able to take amazing full HD footage and online promo video makers like Flixier make it for anyone to put together great videos, even without any previous editing experience. 


So, what are you waiting for? Create a free Flixier account and start working on your product videos now! Your conversion rate is going to thank you for it!


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