Try Flixier, Our Super Fast Free Video Maker

Try Flixier, Our Super Fast Free Video Maker

Long gone are the days of needing to meticulously cut and paste snippets of film together to edit movies and videos.

Using modern technology, it's now easier than ever for business owners, managers, marketers, or anyone else to quickly create, edit and share videos in dazzling high-resolution, all using nothing more than a few simple-to-use drag and drop editing tools.

Putting the power of high-speed video editing tools right in your hands, Flixier is currently one of the absolute best, super-fast, and free video makers on the market!

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Choose Your Video Project Style

Whether you're planning to create YouTube videos, online courses, webinars, Twitch streams, or any other type of video, Flixier is designed to allow you to make your videos your way!

Using simple drag and drop editing tools and features, you'll be able to upload and edit your videos, and share them virtually anywhere online, in a matter of minutes!


Creating Your First Video

Once you've found your way to the user dashboard of our free online video maker, simply click the Import button, which allows you to import videos and segments from your hard drive or various cloud storage services.

Once imported, you'll be able to arrange and position your clips using the intuitive Timeline feature.

Then, using the editor, cut, trim, or delete any sections of your video as you desire.

Finish off your video by cropping, resizing, or repositioning any added elements, graphics, images, or text overlays. Then you'll be able to save or upload your professional video to as many as seven online destinations.


Creating A Video From Pictures Or Images

Are you looking to create a picture collage or slideshow?

Import your images or photos to your Flixier timeline and arrange then in the order of your choice to create a picture video from scratch in a matter of minutes!

Alternatively, you can browse Flixier's massive library, containing more than 2 million images, videos, and music files that you can use to add to your video projects.

You can even use Flixier as a birthday video maker!


Creating A Slow Motion Video

To create a compelling marketing video, brands need to catch their viewers' attention and keep them fixed for the duration of the video.

Luckily, Flixier puts the power of high-speed video editing in the palm of your hands.

Easily create stunning slow-motion videos, and add motion graphics and text overlays to create attractive, eye-catching videos that are guaranteed to keep both your prospective and existing customers watching 'till the end!


Creating A Timelapse Video

Timelapse videos are another highly effective way to capture and engage your target audience.

Using our easy video editor, you'll gain the ability to easily create stunning, timelapse videos from any video recorded from any camera!

Use this feature to highlight breathtaking scenery, landscapes, adding the perfect touch to help keep your viewers engaged.

Timelapse is also an excellent feature for when you're creating instructional how-to or explainer videos, allowing you to speed through instructions and explanations so you won't lose your audience's attention!


Creating And Sharing Your Video Collage

Whether you're looking to introduce your brand to the world, unveil a new product or service, or simply create videos that will connect your business with your audience, video collages are a great way to get the word out there and keep people interested.

Upload video files or clips from any device, use drag and drop tools and features to edit and arrange your video the way you want it, and then share with the world!

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