Why Is Flixier The Best Editing Software For Making Video Ads?

Why Is Flixier The Best Editing Software For Making Video Ads?

There's no denying the fact that modern consumers are leerier than ever when it comes to clicking on video or display ads. 

This means advertisers who use video ads need to step it up a notch when creating video ads that will be irresistible to their target audience! 

Thankfully, with Flixier - the best video ad maker, you'll have all the tools needed at your disposal to create irresistible, resistance-breaking, wallet-opening video ads! 

Below, we're reviewing how you can use the best software to make video ads for your next marketing or advertising campaign. 


Tips For Creating Irresistible Video Ads

There are many reasons why consumers are leery and hesitant when clicking on video ads, whether on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or anywhere else. 

And while it's impossible to guarantee people will click on anything, when you take the time to craft high-quality video ads that include a few key elements, you'll have a considerably higher chance of converting that next viewer into a paying customer! 

Let's look at how you can use our online video editor for creating irresistible video ads for your brand or business. 


The First Few Seconds Are The Most Important

According to one study performed by Microsoft, individuals back in the year 2000, most consumers had an average attention span of roughly 12 seconds. 

Today, however, this number has dropped to only 8 seconds. 

This means that if your video ads don't capture viewer attention within those first 8 seconds, your chances of converting that next customer will be virtually nil. 

If you want to create compelling video ads, make sure you get to the point right away. Always highlight your brand, product, service, or message within the first 8 seconds of your video. 


Focus On Value

If you were to ask a stranger on the street to help you move, they'd probably say no. 

However, if you asked that same stranger to help you move, but you'd pay them $100 and buy them dinner if they help you move, they'd be much more inclined to say yes. 

The same goes when creating effective video ads for your brand or business! 

Always lead with value! 

In those first five to ten seconds of your video, make sure to clearly, and concisely explain what you're offering and what your viewers will get out of it when they click on your ad. 


Capture Their Attention

The use of visual elements, like motion graphics and text overlays, can be highly effective at capturing viewer attention. 

One good reason to ensure that your videos contain these elements is that viewers will often see your ads while their device's volume is turned down. 

If your video has text overlays or subtitles, even if they can't hear your video, they'll still be able to read your message, which might be enough to draw them in! 

With Flixier, you can even turn your videos into timelapse videos, slow-motion videos, or freeze-frame shots, perfect for capturing your viewers' attention and keeping it fixed until the end. 


Include A Call-To-Action

Lastly, you need to make sure that you inform your viewers about what you want them to do after they've watched your video ad. 

Whether you want them to click a link, watch another video, look up your product, or even call your head office, you'll need to make this clear by including a call-to-action at the end of your video.

Flixier makes it easy to include CTA buttons, like and subscribe buttons, and more directly into your videos, so you'll never miss out on a chance to convert a viewer again! 


What Are You Waiting For? 

Suppose you're a business owner, manager, marketer, or PPC expert. In that case, video ads are one of the most effective ways to capture viewer attention, attract them to your ads, and convert them into paying customers. 

However, to create effective, irresistible video ads, you'll need expert video editing software to help you along the way! 

With more than 30,000 users worldwide, Flixier’s easy video editor is the best video ads maker on the market! 

But the best part is that you can even try Flixier without spending a dime! 

Click here to sign up and try Flixier for FREE! 

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