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Video brightness editor

If your video is too dim or too dark you might want to try and increase or decrease its brightness. This is a simple process that can dramatically improve the look of your video, it can bring out some lost details and in general make it more appealing for your viewers. 

With our video brightness editor all you need to do is bring your videos from your computer or cloud storage services, adjust one slider and that’s it, your video will look better in just a few minutes and without having to follow tutorials or install any software.

Video brightness editor

Powerful video brightness editor 

Our brightness video editor is the most powerful online tool you can find. Start by changing  the brightness of your videos and if that doesn’t help go ahead and change other settings like contrast, saturation or hue. All from a single tool.

Brighten a video online without experience

When trying to make changes to a video you will usually need to download complex video editing software that takes up computer storage and resources. This is a thing of the past, Flixier runs entirely online, it processes videos on the cloud and is easy to use, now you can brighten a video online without any experience.

Free video brightness editor

We get it, you have some footage that doesn’t look amazing and you would like to see if it can be improved but don’t want to pay in advance. This is why we decided to make Flixier free to try and use. We even went as far as removing the registration step too, all you have to do is click the Get Started or Choose Video buttons from above.

Brighten video app

If you’re searching for an app to brighten video you might be tempted to try Flixier too, our brightness video editor runs online meaning that you don’t need to install any apps on your phone or computer. It is always available on our website.

How to change video brightness?

How to change video brightness?
Import video to Flixier

Use our fast video import to get videos from your computer or from other sources like Google Drive, Dropbox and even from a Link into the Flixier editor.

Change video brightness

Now drag a video you imported on the timeline or on the video canvas. Click on the Color tab at the top right of the screen and scroll down to Brightness, move the slider left and right to decrease or increase the brightness of your video. Press the play button to see how your video looks.

Download your video

Now that your video looks great you are ready to export and download it. Simply click the Export button at the top right of your screen to start the export process. Thanks to our cloud powered tech this will take just a few minutes and your video will automatically download to your computer.

Why use Flixier as a video brightness editor

See changes in real time

Online video editing tools are often extremely frustrating because you first need to make the changes, wait through video processing and only after that you are able to see your results. This is not an issue, we provide real time video previews, just as you would expect to find on a desktop video editor.

Make other powerful adjustments

Besides adjusting the brightness of a video you will often need to do other things to make a video stand out. With our tool you can change the contrast, saturation, hue and even gamma of a video. Also you can add effects and filters for an even simpler way of making the most out of your video.

Edit entire videos

Often you will need more than just changing the brightness of your video and here is where Flixier delivers. Combine, cut, trim or crop videos to create an entire video and go further by adding subtitles, motion text, sound and calls to action to get a professional look.

Super super fast

We believe that video editing should be fast and accessible for everyone, for that reason we built our custom video technologies on top of powerful cloud servers enabling you to edit smoothly even on low powered laptops or old computers.


I’ve been looking for a solution like Flixier for years. Now that my virtual team and I can edit projects together on the cloud with Flixier, it tripled my company’s video output! Super easy to use and unbelievably quick exports.

Steve Mastroianni -

My main criteria for an editor was that the interface is familiar and most importantly that the renders were in the cloud and super fast. Flixier more than delivered in both. I've now been using it daily to edit Facebook videos for my 1M follower page.

Evgeni Kogan

I'm so relieved I found Flixier. I have a YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers and Flixier allows me to collaborate seamlessly with my team, they can work from any device at any time plus, renders are cloud powered and super super fast on any computer.

Anja Winter, Owner, LearnGermanWithAnja

Frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team

Can you change the brightness online without any downloads?

Can you change the brightness online without any downloads?

Yes, with Flixier you can change the brightness of your video without downloading or installing any computer software. Just open up a browser, go to our website and click the Get Started button. You don’t even need to add your email and create an account, it’s all accessible without any hassles.

Can I use the Flixier video brightness editor on Windows, Mac or Chromebook?

Can I use the Flixier video brightness editor on Windows, Mac or Chromebook?

Yes, Flixier can be used on a wide variety of devices from Windows to Mac to Chromebook or even Linux. All you need is a browser, for that we recommend Chrome because it is the most advanced in terms of web technology.

Is Flixier a video brightness editor online without a watermark?

Is Flixier a video brightness editor online without a watermark?

You can use Flixier for free to try and improve its brightness, no watermark will be added in the editing process or while sharing links for reviews. When exporting and downloading the video a watermark will be added on the free version but you can easily remove it with a paid account that costs only $10/month and you can cancel it at any time.

Is Flixier a video brightness editor online without a watermark?

Is Flixier a video brightness editor online without a watermark?

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