Does Looping Your Video Increase Engagement?

Does Looping Your Video Increase Engagement?

What is a loop video?

As you can straightforwardly guess right from the name, a looped video is the type of video that is playing without a noticeable stop and creates a smooth viewing experience. The visual elements of a loop are seamlessly intertwined, making it hard to tell when the video starts and when it ends, which accounts for a viewing experience without interruption or disruption. 

Loops can be found online in either the most platform-friendly format, video, or as GIFs. Their bite-sized nature makes them great additions to social media profiles or website landing pages and they are a popular tactic in video marketing strategies for big-name brands. 

Now that you know what is a loop video, join us as we explore what exactly makes them a popular choice and how they work on social media as we answer the question of looping videos as a method to increase engagement.


The psychology behind looping videos 

Who would have thought that there is so much to deconstruct behind a short video that repeats itself over and over in the simplest manner? Tapping into the science behind repetition and human memory plays a key role in understanding the if and how to answer our question on the effectiveness of video looping for engagement. So, does looping a video increase views?

We’ve all heard that repetition is the mother of all learning, and this also applies to video content we watch. In situations when we are faced with the same type of information or content multiple times, our brain is more likely to process that information in a manner that encodes it and makes it easy to remember. That being said, reinforcing the memory of the video content translates into an audience remembering a key message or acting upon a CTA (call to action). 

Now that we’ve gone over the importance of repetition, another thing looping does through smooth, repetitive movement is to reduce cognitive overload. This means we have less information to process as opposed to a longer video that features different elements and has clear-cut elements at the start, middle, and end. This also applies to context switching, which occurs as we are continuously scrolling and are faced with overwhelming content. The calm(er) nature of a loop reduces the dramatic effect of context switching, making it easier for an audience to actually pause and process the information that is being presented to them.


Last but not least, we are hard-wired to acknowledge patterns and even to actively seek out some sort of predictability. This is where loops win all the bonus points since they create a soothing pattern for the human brain to follow and recognize. The sensation of comfort that comes as a result of anticipating the repeated pattern of such a video takes the pressure off and contributes to silently encouraging engagement, instead of triggering the dynamic decoding mode for new information. Combining a visual loop with an auditory pattern creates a holistic experience for the audience by making truly memorable content. Using an audio enhancer for fostering quality content can only enhance viewer engagement by taking a simple post to the next, holistic level.


Loops as a landing page eye-catchers

A quite common practice that you’ve come across for sure at least once is when professionals turn video into loop background for website landing pages. This is a very good strategy to increase engagement as it creates a pleasant visual experience for the audience and it promotes branding elements that ultimately contribute to awareness. 

Loops as landing page central pieces serve the role of storytelling pioneers, as the audience first comes into contact with the brand. You can either showcase a product or service through the repeating video or create an enchanting atmosphere, all in a couple of seconds. It is also possible to pair it with a CTA and kickstart an exciting customer journey. Our tip is to turn video into loop for website landing pages due to their easy-to-optimize nature, which makes them great for mobile responsiveness.

Additionally, they’re a beautiful alternative to classic loading screens. Picture this: as your landing page is loading, the user is enjoying a visually pleasing experience instead of the traditional loading screen. This creates the illusion of a reduced waiting time on the user’s end, granting you bonus points for a better overall UI, which can later translate into better engagement due to the website aesthetic.


Learn to Tailor Looping for Social Media 

Crafting a video you can turn into a loop is not the easiest task, as you need to be mindful of seamlessly stitching the beginning and end if that is what you’re aiming for. One thing you can do is loop an existing video and create bite-sized content that is easy to digest for the audience. As you turn a video into a loop, keep in mind that there are some tips and tricks that can make your experience as a creator a lot smoother than having to get down to the nitty-gritty.

  • Use powerful video editing tools to amplify your content’s impact on the viewers. This means that you can make use of any visual or audio effects, smooth transitions, and text to create a seamless experience. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity on your end.
  • As you loop videosbe mindful of platform-specific requirements. This not only refers to video length but also to aspect ratio and video dimensions. Here is a breakdown:
    • TikTok: TikTok is a prime example of a platform that loops videos by default as part of the application interface. While videos can be up to 10 minutes long on TikTik, our advice is to go for the bite-sized short form, which is easier to digest and preferred by most audiences, according to the video marketing trends for 2024. Keep it short and sweet, with only a couple of seconds of meaningful content.
    • Instagram: Remember Boomerang? Looping videos isn’t new to Instagram, and Reels automatically repeat themselves in the feed, much like TikTok videos. Use a video enhancer to make your video content aesthetically pleasing, as the audience will not be able to scroll away from the perfect loop.
    • YouTube: There is a niche for anything on YouTube, and many creators have hit stunning engagement rates with a short video infinitely looping and dedicated background music setting an atmosphere or a mood. Whether it’s YouTube shorts or long-form content, looping is a preferred feature. YouTube shorts are looped by default, and, you didn’t hear it from us, but there are even dedicated third-party tools for looping YouTube videos. Where there’s will and demand, there’s a way!
    • Facebook (Meta) videos: We know, we know! While Facebook is no longer the go-to social media platform, many brands, creators, and people still use it religiously. As a fun fact, their looping policy clearly states that videos shorter than 30 seconds automatically loop, so keep in mind this criterion. 
  • Incorporate recognizable branding elements into your loops. Even as individual creators, it’s nice to have a personal brand and a preferred look and feel that makes your viewers distinguish you from an ocean of content. Remember our mention of how the human brain tries to find patterns? This not only increases the awareness around your content but can contribute to an increase in engagement due to brand coherence.
  • Measure the success of your loop. All social media have built-in analytics, but you can also use an external platform that you connect to accounts that can accurately show you the numbers. Analyzing stats and numbers in social media is under no circumstance a randomized act, as the overall video marketing strategy needs to be aligned with some objectives and have a clear purpose. While every marketing strategist defines specific metrics they track, here are a couple of examples you may find handy as you are defining your own strategy:
    • Video views: a pretty self-explanatory metric, video views are defined differently by various platforms, but it all boils down to at least a second of a member in your audience watching the loop.
    • Likes: seeing appreciation for your loops has been one of the main indicators that you’ve made it. In case your content doesn’t perform as you would have liked it to just yet, here’s an extra ❤️ from us to encourage you to keep creating.
    • Comments: a term often confused with “engagement” itself, comments are a great way to measure the pulse of your audience. Need we say more?
    • Shares: the amplification effect a loop has is always satisfying to see as a creator. Creating relatable content or simply stunning loops can increase your chances of earning multiple shares on various platforms. 
    • Video completion rate: how many people watch videos all the way to the end. This is specifically important for loops, as they are designed to generate more than one view by default. 


3 Powerful Loop Examples


Perhaps one of the smartest uses of loops comes from a meditation-focused brand. Using the technology behind loops and science, Calm has managed to simulate human breath through a loop that encourages breathing exercises. What an interesting parallel! 



Already a household name, Starbucks has made sure that its customers watch a satisfying loop that borders on the stop-motion video style. This distinctive mark has already become associated with their social media presence, serving as a great example of originality. 


The Ordinary

A skincare brand using looping is visual content heaven! The satisfying mix of creamy textures and crisp-looking packaging does the trick in this example, showing how The Ordinary has managed to encapsulate the power of skincare in an out-of-the-ordinary loop. 


In essence, does looping increase views and engagement? We’ve explored the science behind this type of content and some best practices, so now we can confidently say that looping may indeed have a positive impact on social media metrics. Play your cards right, draw inspiration from the industry's major players, and remember that your own personal touch and authenticity weigh in dramatically when it comes to encouraging engagement.


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