How Training Videos Can Help Your Business

How Training Videos Can Help Your Business

Let’s face it: this highly competitive environment can make it difficult businesses to retain their value and position in their respective industries. Things like development programs or employee training can make your business stand out in the market.

Note that employee training is not only useful for recruiting potential talent, but also retaining them. 

That's why creating training videos is a great way to develop a team and turn it into a real asset that brings value to your business. It doesn't really matter if you're a startup or a an established business that's been on the market for a long time. Using training videos as part of your development programs is a great way to improve employee retention and streamline the training process by increasing employee engagement and simultaneously lowering costs. 

Still unsure as to why you should make training videos for employee development and business growth? Keep reading to find out why! 


Using Training Videos to Help Business


1. Makes Employee Onboarding Easier

According to a recent study, a well-implemented onboarding process improves organizational commitment, increases the job satisfaction rate and the employee retention rate. This is just one example of how the first impression can make an impact. 

Using a training video to hire new employees can not only save cost but also increase employee engagement. 

And it doesn’t end here. It also enables you to comprehensively infuse your company’s personality and defining attributes into the training. Training new employees usually seems like a daunting task, but using meaningful videos can make the experience much more effective and memorable. 

A short, comprehensive video allows you to demonstrate the culture and work norms of your company to both existing and new employees. 


2. Improves Accessibility

Gone are the days when trainers need to make sure that all employees are present for a training session. Whether you work with a team of 20 employees or 200 staff members, assembling them all in one place at the same time is always difficult. 

And having to travel to a training facility for your program only makes it more challenging. From travelling costs to make sure everyone is there, there are a lot of things to take care of and consider. 

Many companies find arranging an in-house training session difficult due to lack of space. That is especially true if you’re a startup or have just started your new business. Incorporating a training video into your development program removes the need for extra space or incorporating an in-house classroom into the workplace. 

It’s an easy way to make the learning material accessible to every employee. Plus, the training videos allow you to divide the material according to your employees’ learning levels. If their level of expertise is higher, they can skip the learning materials designed for beginners. 

With training videos, your learning group can watch sessions multiple times and learn things at their own pace. This way, they will not miss out on any vital piece of information. 


3. Allows for Remote Employee Training

Webinars and video conferencing have become the new standard when it comes to staying connected and providing virtual training. In this respect, video training is not only useful for your in-house employees, but also for remote team members. 

If you have employees working in various locations, you can make training videos to bring them on board. It can improve teamwork and create a sense of community. 


4. Break Down Information Easily

As mentioned above, not everyone learns at the same pace. What if some of your employees find it hard to absorb specific topics but hesitate to ask you to repeat the explanation? Despite all the hard work and time you put in, the training will not provide everyone with the same learning experience. 

Video training can solve this issue without having you put in any additional effort. Nowadays, video editing software is more accessible than ever and allows you to easily edit clips in order to break down complicated and lengthy concepts. 

For example, Flixier runs in your browser and lets you record voice overs for your clips or even insert engaging graphics to underline key concepts and make your explanations more practical and comprehensive. You can learn more about editing training and other types of educational videos with Flixier by watching the video below: 


5. Adds Versatility

There is no denying that video is an incredibly versatile medium when it comes to conveying information. Since it has tons of different styles, you can experiment with live-action, animation, stop motion and plenty of others to make learning material more impactful. You can use this versatility for a purpose by incorporating it into a training video to: 

  1. Introduce new services and product
  2. Demonstrate a s software and its systems
  3. Continue professional development
  4. Onboard new employees
  5. Improve your employees’ customer service skills

Moreover, creating videos for employee training will help you accumulate a large number of graphical assets and editing skills that you will later be able to use when creating promotional videos. 


Isn't it hard to make training videos? 

So far we've established that training videos are exceptionally beneficial for improving employees’ knowledge, skills and expertise in an efficient way that minimizes the amount of time, money and effort you have to put in. 

However, you might feel that making high-quality training videos can be expensive, difficult and time consuming. While that definitely used to be the case, the video editing landscape has been changing significantly over the past few years, thanks to the rise of online video editors

Flixier, our own video editing software, is one of these tools. It differs a lot from traditional video editing software in that it's focused on speed and ease of use. Its main perk is the fact that it runs entirely in your web browser and uses cloud servers to render videos and do the tough processing work. That means you won't have to worry about buying expensive video editing work stations in order to create training videos. You can just do it all on your laptop. 

The other main benefit is its ease of use. Anyone can create videos with Flixier without any editing experience and without having to spend hours watching online tutorials. You can cut videos, crop videos and record your screen, webcam and microphone with just a few clicks. On top of that, we offer libraries full of stock footage, sound effects, music and professionally animated motion graphics which you can drag over to your videos and customize according to your needs. This makes it easy to create professional looking training videos that reflect your company's identity without having to spend hours designing graphical assets or shooting B-roll.



In conclusion, creating training videos can be incredibly beneficial for your business, and online video editing tools like Flixier can allow you to create them quickly and with minimal production costs.

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