The 2024 Instagram Video SEO Checklist

The 2024 Instagram Video SEO Checklist

Who would have thought in 2010 that Instagram SEO would be a thing and it would actually impact the popularity of your videos? Instagram has come a long way since its retro days back in the early 2010s, and now video content has taken the throne of the sepia-filtered photos we “grew up with”. From Reels to stories, Instagram SEO has become a key player in determining how many people see your video and, more importantly, if the right people are watching. Really, it’s a win-win for both the creator and the audience.


The right video SEO strategy for this platform will help you emphasize discoverability through relevant hashtags, and engaging descriptions, to bring eye-catching visuals in front of the right audience. Here are some best practices to integrate into your Instagram dedicated SEO for videos strategy: 

Conduct keyword research

  • The very first step in constructing an Instagram SEO strategy is to conduct keyword research to identify what’s relevant and trending within your niche. 
  • Much like YouTube or TikTok, leverage tools like Instagram’s built-in search bar.
  • Go for Google Keyword Planner, or even other third-party keyword research tools. 
  • Find the right keywords that resonate with your content.

Authentically optimize video titles with keywords

  • The first place you should incorporate a target keyword is the video title. 
  • Make it compelling and keep it concise to attract and engage viewers. 
  • You can try out this title formula:  A descriptive number + the nature of the content + a corresponding detail (like an event) or audience

Here are 2 examples that illustrate this formula in action: “3 Cozy Outfits for Christmas” and “7 Tasty Treats for Beginner Bakers”. Pretty simple, right?

Create high-quality and aesthetically pleasing content

  • We know what you’re thinking: did it really have to be said in the context of an Instagram SEO strategy? After working with countless creators, we’re strong advocates of creativity, so make sure your videos are visually appealing and well-edited. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing content tends to better perform on Instagram.

Write a detailed video description that includes keywords and your authentic tone

  • Keywords, keywords, and more keywords. Writing a detailed and informative video description doesn’t have to be boring for the sake of incorporating keywords. 
  • Stay authentic with your tone of voice.
  • Use the first few lines as show-stoppers to grab the attention of viewers by providing content for your video.


Smartly make use of relevant and popular hashtags

  • Tale as old as…Instagram? Hashtags have been important for many years now, so make sure to take advantage of popular and relevant hashtags as a video SEO strategy for your description to increase discoverability. 
  • A pro tip is to mix and match both broad and niche-specific hashtags to reach a wider audience. 
  • Remember to use Instagram’s built-in search bar to check out what others are posting within your content niche. Here’s an example:
A screenshot showcasing the most popular Christmas hashtags being suggested in the Instagram search bar.


Add descriptive ALT texts to your videos

  • Much like with captions, ALT text is primarily for accessibility but we know that’s a way to improve your video SEO. 
  • Add descriptive ALT text to your video, and both your audience and Instagram will be grateful for accessibility and discoverability.

Use location tagging for visibility

  • You may be thinking: this isn’t 2016 anymore, back when it was cool to check in to various places. We’re not here to argue with that, but a great way to improve your Instagram SEO strategy is to tag a location in your video, if applicable. 
  • The reason behind this is simple: it can help your content appear in location-based searches.

Engage with comments and encourage audience interaction

  • All creators should be doing this, and not only for Instagram SEO purposes. 
  • Responding to comments on your video increases engagement and creates a meaningful connection with your audience, shaping it into a real community. 
  • What’s better is that this type of activity signals to Instagram that your content is valuable. Instant boost!

Cross-promote on other social media platforms

  • Driving traffic and increasing visibility are the results you’ll see if you choose to adopt a smart distribution strategy for improving Instagram SEO. 
  • This means you can adapt and share your content from Instagram to other social media platforms, and it’s something that your overall video marketing strategy should always include.

Analyze Instagram insights regularly

  • To constantly monitor Instagram insights and track the performance of your videos is a top Instagram SEO tactic. 
  • Analyzing these insights allows you to adjust your strategy based on what works best for both the platform and your audience.

If you’ve still got questions, we’ve got the answers:


Can You Do SEO on Instagram?

Yes, you can do SEO on Instagram and optimize your profile by using relevant keywords in the title, captions, and hashtags. Creating engaging, high-quality content also helps.

How Do You Use SEO on Reels?

Reels optimization is possible by including relevant keywords in captions and making use of trending audios (and actual Reels trends!). Ensure the first few seconds are engaging to catch the viewers’ attention right from the start.

How Do I Make My Instagram Searchable?

One way to make your Instagram more searchable is to include relevant keywords into your actual username and bio. More than that, make sure your content is aligned with what your target audience is searching for.


How Do I Optimize Instagram in 2024?

Focus on using relevant keywords in your bio and captions, post high-quality content regularly, and engage with your audience to boost visibility.

How to Do SEO for Video?

Start with keyword research and include the relevant ones in your video captions and alt text. Make the first couple of frames visually appealing, and use hashtags strategically.

How Do I Optimize IG for SEO?

Optimize your Instagram profile with a keyword-rich bio, use relevant hashtags, and create content that resonates with your audience’s interests.

Does Alt Text on Instagram Help SEO?

Yes, alt text can help Instagram SEO as it allows the platform to better understand what your content is about, making your posts more discoverable.

How Do I Drive Traffic to My Instagram?

Plan a strong distribution strategy and promote your Instagram content on other platforms. Remember to truly engage with your audience, and collaborate with other creators to broaden your reach.

Does Instagram Bio Help with SEO?

Yes, a well-optimized Instagram bio with relevant keywords can improve your profile’s searchability.

How Do I Increase My Instagram Reach Organically?

Create shareable content that is beautiful to watch, engage with your audience, use relevant hashtags, and post consistently.

What Is the Instagram Reel Algorithm?

The Instagram Reel algorithm prioritizes engaging, original content, relevance to the audience, and the use of trending sounds or topics.

What Can I Use Instead of Hashtags on Instagram?

While we don’t advise you to completely overlook hashtags as part of your Instagram SEO strategy, explore engaging captions, geotags, tagging other accounts, and Instagram stories as complementary elements or to replace hashtags.


Why Am I Not Searchable on Instagram?

This could be due to privacy settings, lack of keyword optimization, or low engagement rates.

How Do You Go Viral on Reels?

Be authentic, create original, relatable content, leverage trending audio or challenges, and post when your audience is most active. Check out the best time to post on Instagram.

How Do You Rank Reels on Instagram?

Focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that aligns with current trends and includes relevant keywords and hashtags.

Is There a Free Instagram SEO Tool?

Instagram Insights provides valuable data you can easily access for free. Other tools include Google Trends and AnswerThePublic.

Can Instagram SEO Be Done for Free?

Yes, you can perform effective SEO on Instagram for free by optimizing your content and profile, with the aid of Instagram’s built-in analytics.

Where Do I Find Keywords on Instagram?

Research keywords using Instagram's search bar, explore popular hashtags in your niche and look at what competitors are using.

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