The Benefits of Cloud Video Editing Explained

The Benefits of Cloud Video Editing Explained

The cloud is the new frontier for video editing. If you want to take advantage of the latest and greatest in digital filmmaking, then you need to start exploring the cloud-based software options available today. In this article, we'll explore why cloud video editing is so popular and what kinds of benefits it can offer to video clips editors.

What is Cloud Video Editing?

Cloud video editing is the process of working on your video files in the cloud. This means that you can work on your project from anywhere and on any device that has internet connectivity, without having to download anything.

To understand what cloud video editing is, it’s worth understanding the difference between it and traditional computer software. When you buy a piece of video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro X, you install it onto your computer and use it to edit videos locally. That means that the video content you are working on stays “in house” on your hard drive until they are exported for publishing or distribution—at which point they become digital assets stored online or offline (depending on where they are hosted).


At the other end of the spectrum are cloud-based solutions. These allow users to access, use and edit data that’s stored on remote “cloud” servers, rather than locally. A cloud server can allow people to store and access large amounts of data without having to worry about it taking up space on their computer. Multiple people can access the same data at the same time using the same server, and even edit the same project simultaneously. In the case of cloud-based video editing, cloud servers can also be used to handle all the intensive video processing tasks, since they can do it at a much faster speed than most consumer-grade computers.

How Cloud Video Editing Works

Cloud-based video editing works similarly to the cloud storage service Dropbox. You upload your media to the cloud, and the server handles all the heavy work involved with editing and rendering your video. This means that you don't have to wait hours for your video to be rendered—it happens as soon as you’ve finished it!

This process is very different from traditional offline editing software, which requires downloading large files onto your computer and rendering them locally before sharing them with others. 

Benefits of Cloud Video Editing

Due to the numerous advantages it provides consumers, cloud-based video editing is becoming more and more popular. Organizations can use the cloud to obtain production-ready software that will offer them a competitive edge in the media and entertainment sector and give them access to the best content creation, storage, and editing services.

Most cloud video editing solutions are cheaper, quicker, and more user-friendly than their offline counterparts. But the list doesn’t end here.

Here are a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when you use a cloud video maker:

There’s No Need to Download Additional Software 

You don't have to download any software. No more waiting around for your computer to install a new program, and no more paying for expensive software upgrades every year. Once you set up your account with a free online video editor, it's ready to go right away!

When utilizing a desktop application to edit your clips, there are numerous potential problems that could arise, from your software being incompatible with the operating system, to driver issues and hardware problems. With cloud editors, all of these things are a thing of the past. As long as you have a working web browser,  you can access the cloud editor, plain and simple. 

Moreover, with software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, you need an expensive, professional editing/gaming laptop or computer. However, since cloud video editors rely on online servers to handle the labor-intensive tasks, they operate without a hitch and let you complete your work even on a budget laptop. Additionally, since the majority of these applications are browser-based and don't require any downloads or installations to utilize them, they can make excellent Chromebook video editors by giving users of various OS systems the same editing experience.

Cloud Video Rendering is Faster

When it comes to online vs. offline video editors, time saved is an important criteria. One of the biggest advantages of a cloud video editor is that it facilitates the overall video rendering process.

Usually, after you edit a clip with a traditional video editor, it takes a lot of time to render the video, especially when the video is long. With an online video editor, no matter the size of the video projects, you can easily download your edited content and even share videos to your social media platforms.

You Only Use Cloud Storage for Video Editing

There's no need for storage space! With our service, all of your files are stored on our servers, so you never have to worry about running out of space or deleting old video clips when they're taking up too much room on your hard drive.

You are fortunate that all of your processes are synced and that your workflow is as seamless as it can be if you use cloud storage to store your videos and cloud applications to edit them.

You Always Have a Back-Up for Your Data

Organizations that handle significant numbers of digital assets live in continual worry of their data being lost, stolen, or corrupted. For operations to run smoothly, real-time recovery alternatives must be available. Without the proper backups in place, simple errors when editing videos can have long-term effects.

The foundation of effective data management is redundancy. Particularly in the media and entertainment sector, where even little amounts of data can be quite valuable. Online video editors may make sure your projects are protected even in the worst situations by automatically backing up your content.

Video Editing in the Cloud Facilitates Collaboration

Collaborating with others is easy. When several people need access to different parts of the same project at once—for instance, if one person needs only audio while another requires only video—each person can log into their own account and work simultaneously without having conflicts over file sharing or other issues that arise from using traditional methods like email attachments or Google Drive folders (which can get messy fast). 

When everyone's finished working on their respective portions of the project, simply send out an invite for everyone else in your team who wants input (e-mail address) so they can review what was done thus far before completing their own tasks. 

Additionally, cloud video editors might be useful when you're seeking input from a client or a team member. With just one click, you can create Review Links for your projects and distribute them to whomever you choose.

You obtain exact, immediate feedback on your projects rather than drawn-out email back-and-forth exchanges when you combine this with viewers' ability to leave time-stamped comments and simply switch between various versions of the project.

A Cloud Based Video Editor Facilitates Remote Editing

Building on the previous point, there are no limitations of the location of the person editing the video file. You can start the video editing process when working on the PC at the office and you can finish it at home, from your personal laptop. 

With just a few clicks, creative professionals always have access to cloud storage. And, of course, you can work with your team through remote collaboration.

You Get Access to Built-In Features

When you edit video content, it often happens not to know how the final video should look like. Most pieces of cloud video editing software allow you to choose from video templates, specific features, such as an auto subtitle generator, and video filters.

The entrance hurdle for creating video content is lower thanks to cloud video editing tools. Cloud video editors expedite the editing process and make it more accessible for people who are wanting to learn, as opposed to focusing on video pros who have spent years mastering the nuances of professional-grade software.

Professional Videos in a Matter of Minutes

Cloud video editors can help you do your video editing tasks much more quickly if all you need to do is make cuts, trim video and audio, add music, and insert titles.

You can execute those tasks with the same level of accuracy using an online video editor with a simple interface, without being overrun by pointless shortcuts, buttons, and toolbars that would befuddle novice users and take up unneeded screen real estate.

In a couple of minutes, you can add subtitles, get rid of the background noise or add other audio files to your videos online. In case you haven’t yet recorded any video, you can make use of stock videos which, most of the time, can be found in the built-in library of the video editing software.

You Can Use All Video and Image Formats

The footage you are collecting comes in all shapes and sizes, and, most importantly, in all formats. When using offline video editors, they sometimes require specific extensions in order to be opened in the program.

You don't have to waste time wrangling with third-party video conversion tools anymore because the majority of online video editors accept all file types and convert your videos to MP4 when you upload them.

Using Cloud Video Editing for Video Creation

Now you know what are the most prominent benefits of using a cloud video editor. So, what does all this mean for your business? Well, you’re probably already aware of how important it is to be able to edit and upload videos quickly. 

With cloud video editing, you no longer require expensive equipment or software. All you need is a computer or laptop with an internet connection—a basic package for everyone living in today’s digital world! The only question left is: when are you going to start using this technology to share your video stories?

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