Top tips to create a perfect video resume

Top tips to create a perfect video resume

While video resumes are definitely not the norm for most companies, having one can provide a real advantage if you’re applying for creative positions or client-facing roles. Nowadays you can even showcase one on your LinkedIn account, a personal branding YouTube channel, or even your own website. 
That being said, it’s true that making your own video resume can feel a little intimidating at first, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with videography or video editing. It doesn’t matter if you're a recent graduate entering the workforce, a professional looking for a career change, or a freelancer on the lookout for new opportunities. Becoming a master in the art of video resumes is a valuable skill that can open just the right doors.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of handy tips for video resume creation and with a little bit of passion and dedication, you’ll have your video CV ready for opportunities in no time.

Using our tips and our online video resume maker, you’ll be able to create a stunning video resume that’s sure to give you an edge on the job market. 


What is a video resume and why is it important?

Video resumes are quite new to the job-hunting landscape, but they are a force to be reckoned with! Essentially, they are short video clips that you create to showcase your skills and qualifications. Think of them as the cherry on top of a traditionally written resume or cover letter. Following tips for video resumes offers you an engaging way to introduce yourself as a professional to a potential employer.

Having a video CV could be essential, as it empowers you to stand out in the competitive job market. Especially in the case of creative positions, having a unique video resume can make the difference between landing your dream job or having your application become a needle in the corporate haystack. Tips for video resumes can also help you in the context of personal growth, as you’d be challenged to push your traditional boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. Would you believe us that even employers are looking to get helpful insights by looking for video CV tips, so they can optimize the recruitment process by knowing how to approach such an application?

How to make a video resume

Drafting up a video resume may seem daunting at first, but we are here to let you know that no mountain is too tall as long as you’ve got a good plan. We’ve handpicked some video resume tips and hacks for you to follow along and take the next step to starting or leveling up your career.


Write a script

This first step might seem obvious to some, but it’s incredibly important and one of the number one tips for video resume creation. Make sure to put down everything you want to include in your resume, then write a script and learn it. Video resumes need to be short, concise, and showcase your abilities. Going off a well-written script will help you sound more confident and keep the whole video tighter.


Focus on what’s important

This is relevant any time you have to write a resume, but it goes doubly for video ones. When putting together your resume, you should focus on the things that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. Don’t waste time telling people your life’s story, tell them what makes you great for that job. 


Keep it short

Depending on the size of the company you’re applying to, the people reviewing your resume might have dozens if not hundreds of them to go through. All video resume tips experts will give you this advice: don’t waste HR’s time by making it overly long. If the company provided a minimum/maximum duration for the resume in their guidelines, try to stick closer to the minimum. If they haven’t, then keeping it under 60 seconds is a safe bet. With the right video editing tools, a snip here, and a quick transition there, you’ll piece together such a great CV that you could start a dedicated YouTube resume tips channel (if that’s something that floats your boat) ;)


Have a clean background

Having a messy room isn’t really something that you’d get fired over, but not being willing to clean it up before filming your video resume is definitely not a good look. Another one of the top resume tips is to make sure to record in a room that can provide a nice, clean background that won’t steal people’s attention away from you. Speaking of backgrounds, don’t neglect the quality of the sound: use an audio enhancer to get rid of any humming, buzzing, or other annoying background noise.
If you want to get creative, you could also record yourself using a green screen and then use a powerful online video editor like Flixier to replace your background with something a bit more fitting. 


Decent lighting does wonders

Good lighting is crucial to making a video look nice, especially when recording using a webcam or a mobile phone camera. When you’re filming your video resume, try to make sure your face is well-lit from the front and avoid filming with your back turned to any strong light source. Don’t worry if you feel like your video lacks vibrancy: you can always use a video enhancer to adjust brightness, contrast or even shadows.
Doing professional 3-point lighting isn’t always possible inside an apartment, but if you can manage to film in front of a window during daylight, that should be more than enough.  


Do multiple takes

Unless you’re very comfortable being in front of a camera, the chances that you’ll get it right from the start are pretty slim. This is perhaps right at the top of our list of tips for video resume: don’t be afraid to do multiple takes! Try as many times as you want and when you feel like you got it just right, do it one extra time just to be sure. 
Oh, and don’t stop/restart your camera after each take! Just keep rolling and record as much as you need to, you’ll be able to cut out any mistakes easily when you edit the footage. A browser-based video editor like Flixier will work on any computer and make editing a breeze, even if you’re new to it.



3 tips for creating a video resume

Now that you’ve got the technique down, here are some extra video resume tips that will help you make a lasting impression and potentially secure the job of your dreams. Remember not to be too harsh on yourself and that your effort is more than good enough.


1. Dress professionally

Just because you’re not there in person doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to record your video resume in your comfy clothes. It’s actually recommended that you wear clothes that are appropriate for the situation. Depending on company culture and the position you’re applying for, you might not have to dress overly formally, but you should still try to look your best, just as if you were going in for the interview. 


2. Stay hydrated

One of the top video CV tips is to stay hydrated while recording your video. Dehydration can affect your focus, voice clarity, and overall presentation. Make sure to have a glass of water nearby, and take sips when needed. Don’t worry about the hydration breaks, as you can easily edit them out in the production stage with a quick cut.


3. Mind the body language

No matter where you are from and what language you speak, body language will always lead the conversation, alongside your words. Try maintaining eye contact with the camera for a sense of engagement with the recruiters. Remember to have good posture and smile confidently. You can even try practicing a friendly and professional facial expression, and perhaps most importantly, be yourself.


The beauty of video resumes comes from their potential to create authentic connections that rewrite the norms of traditional hiring processes. Specifically in the case of creative roles, showcasing a video CV would automatically be vivid proof of your ingenuity and top skills when using technology. Embrace this novelty approach and turn these tips for video resume creation into a best practice. 


If you need help doing all that, we recommend giving Flixier a shot! Our online video editor is easy to figure out and makes creating videos feel as easy as putting together a PowerPoint presentation. 

Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself and get your video resume done today!

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