Why video content will continue to rise in 2022

Why video content will continue to rise in 2022

It comes as little to no surprise that people spend time and enjoy watching videos on the Internet more and more every day. Be it music videos, live streams, tutorials or funny compilations, they represent an easy way to keep many of us engaged and convey information quickly in a very dynamic environment.


Video content: varied and easily accessible

The consumption of various content in video form has been on the rise in the past recent years and will continue to follow a similar path in 2022 as well, since videos are currently one of the most captivating ways to present content both online and offline. 

While videos can be used for entertainment, they have also become a popular way to spread information such as daily news, to teach ideas and skills through tutorials and lectures, as well as promoting and advertising one’s brand. What makes video content so engaging are its dynamics: constantly moving images and sounds that keep our brains engaged with ease for longer periods of time. They are easy and fast to find online and they can be rather short even while amassing large amounts of information or longer, with more in-depth analysis and details.


Did you consider video content marketing?

Ever since the first commercial in 1941, videos have been one of the main ways to quickly and effectively raise awareness about your product or message. From cinemas to digital street signs, to billboards and the TV, computer and mobile phones in our homes, we encounter video commercials all around us and they are always as close as one tap, button or click away. 

Use video content as a marketing tool to reach a wider audience.
With a good strategy in mind, video content marketing can help increase your visibility and profits.

With the amount of offline and online platforms available today, service and product owners make great use of them to showcase their brand and create an image for themselves in the eyes of the consumers. 

You can use video content for advertising in many ways such as a direct approach to demo-ing your product, but you might as well choose to create a tutorial, vlog, expert interview, a behind the scenes or customer review video. While these options are equally approachable and adaptable, the choice depends on the type of interactions you want to establish with your audience and on the nature of your business.


Creating product videos for marketing

Whether you decide to choose offline or online video advertising, a well made visual and auditory presentation of your product will significantly raise your engagement with the audience, make you look professional and spread information about it quickly, especially if you intend to promote it across multiple platforms. 

Another highly successful way to catch the viewer’s attention is through creating branding video content. Instead of focusing on showcasing your product, you can employ storytelling as a technique to make your commercial relatable and give it a relaxing, comfortable feel. Such ads impress and are memorable, with high chances of success regardless of their duration. Some are 30 seconds Instagram videos, others can be 10 minute YouTube videos while others can be seen on TV too.


Making a marketing video: the why and how

Why should you create a video advertisement for your product or service? Because it is an additional way to showcase and spread information about them with little overall effort. Videos are a great marketing tool to help raise awareness about your product and their allocated budget could consist of little to no expenses, depending on your equipment and software of choice. If you want to give video marketing a try, you can use free online tools such as a YouTube video editor or a Facebook ad creator.

In order to make your own video advertisement, you will need to come up with ideas and concepts that center and focus on your products and on how they will be displayed in the video. It would be a good idea to write down a video content strategy to make sure your service or product remains relevant and visible online for as long as possible and that you reach your planned business goals.

Here are 5 key ideas we suggest that you keep in mind:

  1. Make a plan: choose your product, your target audience and preferred advertising platform.
  2. Take note of the platform’s video ad guidelines (file format, duration) and respect them.
  3. Think about what you want the video to show, for example a product showcase, a review or a tutorial.
  4. Use catch phrases, audio and visual effects to make the content appealing and interesting for the public.
  5. To edit, process and publish your video faster, you can use an online marketing video maker.

Online video advertising

Another reason why video content will keep gaining popularity is because people are spending increasingly more time on video broadcasting and live streaming websites, which offer many opportunities and options for online video advertising. Two great examples are YouTube and Twitch, companies that allow ads to be showcased on their creators’ videos, making it advantageous both for the creators and for the advertised brands.

Depending on its length, YouTube can play ads before, during and at the end of a video while Twitch can play them automatically or under the streamer’s control during their livestream. Even though on YouTube they can be skipped, every second someone spends watching your ads matters and should be taken into consideration, which is why you might want to put emphasis on the first 5 seconds of your video commercial to motivate the viewer to remain engaged for as long as possible.


Social media video marketing

Social video marketing is key in today's digital era.
Since we spend a lot of time scrolling through social media, we are bound to come across video commercials.

Social media plays a big role in advertising and popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram often return the best results on both short and long term.

While browsing through our social media timeline of choice, we may notice how quickly we are captivated or intrigued at the sight of an interesting ad. Social media websites are a great place to showcase businesses and products because they let the viewer engage with the ads instantly and at any time, they offer a series of integrated features for appreciating, sharing and distributing media and they ensure that your commercial will be shown to your target demographic.

Whether you want to practice making fun videos or want to expand your marketing and advertising horizons, here are three platforms that allow you to do that in 2022:

          1. YouTube

As the oldest still running video sharing platform, YouTube keeps up with the current trends and lets you or your company post “Shorts”, which are exactly that: vertical, short 60 second videos. While monetisation isn’t guaranteed, spreading your content on the second most popular website in the world will most likely show a positive impact on your marketing strategy and goals. 

          2. TikTok

It is currently one of the most used mobile phone applications and lets its users film short videos, edit them (cut, rotate, mirror, add stickers, text, sounds etc.) and share them, often using hashtags to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Since TikTok just extended their video duration from 3 to 10 minutes, a few more advertising options might follow up as well.

          3. Instagram

Similarly, Instagram facilitates video creation through its Instagram “Stories” but more importantly through its “Reels”. These are videos between 15 and 60 seconds you can also edit directly in the mobile app and share with your followers or publish as an ad. As opposed to YouTube’s “Shorts”, TikTok and Instagram offer business plans and accounts for advertising.


Closing words

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Keep an eye out for 2022’s video trends and come back to our blog to learn more about video content!

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