Why You Should Use Our Free Online Video Editor

Why You Should Use Our Free Online Video Editor

There are plenty of online tools and platforms you can use when it comes to online video editors.

However, most free-to-use applications don’t offer the tools and resources needed to create, edit, and optimize truly stunning, visually engaging video content that everybody can appreciate.

Used by more than 30,000 people, Flixier is one of the most famous drag and drop video editors you’ll find on the market today.

Below, we’re reviewing some of the professional-level video editing tools and features that you’ll have access to when you use Flixier - the best online video editor on the market!


Powerful Editing Tools

If you plan on creating videos that stand out and captivate viewer attention, you’ll need to use more than just a camera to make your videos. You’ll also need to use online video editing free software.

Flixier is the most intuitive and best video maker online, giving you access to some of the best and most powerful video editing tools you can find today!

At the touch of a button, you’ll easily be able to add motion graphics, headlines and titles, images, and other visual effects to your videos that will make them more engaging, interesting, and captivating than ever before.

And the best part is that you don’t even need any prior video editing experience to use our powerful video editing tools!


User-Friendly Interface

We’ve done everything in our power to offer you the best and most innovative video editing technology, compacted into a clean and simple user-friendly interface that anybody cares to learn to use.

Start by uploading your content into your Flixier library.

Then, to create and edit your videos, you’ll be able to use our drag and drop editor to add your music, image, and video files to your timeline, which will then compile them all into a single video clip.

After that, using your timeline, you can easily cut, edit, trim, or delete your video, add in visual effects, motion graphics, and more, and craft a video masterpiece that everyone will love!


Massive Stock File And Template Library

As the best fast free video maker online, you’ll join more than 30,000 other users who currently have access to our massive library that contains more than 2 million music, image, and video templates and files that you can use to edit and optimize your videos.

Add background music to your birthday videos, create stunning timelapse videos of your recent project, or add visually engaging, eye-catching introductions to your slideshows and presentations by choosing from thousands upon thousands of stock files.

With so much content available to you in our library, we guarantee that you’ll be able to create a video project that’s one-of-a-kind and will get those much-wanted oohs and ahhs from your viewers.


Free To Edit, Free To Try!

Whether you’re looking to create personal videos of birthday parties, anniversaries, or weddings, or you own a business, and you’re hoping to develop visually engaging content that’ll boost your online rankings, Flixier is the best choice for creating videos you’ll love.

You’ll gain access to the best editing tools and resources, a user-friendly video editing interface, and our massive online library that contains well over 2 million sound, image, and video files you can use for your next video editing project!

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