Creating Corporate Videos - The Best Tips, Tools, and Examples

Creating Corporate Videos - The Best Tips, Tools, and Examples

With 89% of consumers saying they want more video content from brands in 2024, it’s no wonder that companies are fully embracing video as a medium. 

That said, making corporate videos can be daunting and requires more know-how than the average YouTube video. Don’t worry, though; we’re here to help! 

In this article, we will look at 5 of the best corporate videos, see what makes them great, and offer tips and tricks on making your corporate videos without going over budget. 

What is a corporate video? A simple explanation:

Generally speaking, the term “corporate video” refers to any video created by (or on behalf of) a business to showcase its products or services, raise awareness about its brands, or spread its message. 

If that sounds like a very loose definition, that’s because it is. “Corporate video” is an umbrella term encompassing different types of video content, including (but not limited to): 

  • Company introduction videos
  • Sustainability Statements 
  • Employee Onboarding Videos
  • Product announcements 
  • Company culture videos 

Despite this variety, however, these different types of corporate videos still share some common DNA.


What are the 4 elements of a good corporate video? 

While there are a lot of things that go into creating corporate videos, these are the 4 elements key elements that you need to keep in mind if you want to make your own: 

  1. Clear messaging - Before you even consider pressing the Record button, you need to define your message clearly and ensure that everything in your video, from the voiceover to the music and the visuals, works together to convey that message to your audience. 
  2. A well-defined audience - It’s hard to reach people if you don’t speak their language. And we don’t just mean that literally. Think about who your intended audience is and try to learn everything about them: their likes, dislikes, the things that move them, and the things that drive them away. You need to leverage this information to ensure that your corporate video resonates with the people watching it, whether those people are new hires, investors, or customers. 
  3. Polished and engaging visuals - Even if you rely on a voiceover to deliver most of your message, you still need good visuals to keep peoples’ attention from drifting off. On top of that, your corporate videos reflect directly on your company’s image, so you can’t afford to get sloppy during editing. Fortunately, corporate video maker tools like Flixier make editing easy and offer plenty of professionally shot stock footage and smooth animations to help you out.
  4. Create emotional investment - Corporate content might get a bad rap for being cold and sterile, but your videos don’t have to be that way! Emotional investment will help keep people engaged and make them more receptive to your message. Don’t worry! You don’t need to make your audience cry or laugh out loud. Something as little as including familiar situations, having a relatable narrator, or using the right music can go a long way. 

And since theory only goes so far, let’s take a look at 5 successful corporate video examples: 


5 Best Corporate Videos Examples: 

Red Bull Factory Tour featuring Christian Horner


We’re starting off strong with a perfect example of how a corporate video can make for good YouTube content. This Red Bull Factory Tour hosted by multiple-awards-winner Christian Horner feels less like a corporate video and more like a short vlog.

The video is deceivingly insightful in presenting its message. Horner does away with the usual “stiffness” that people associate with the word “corporate” and addresses the audience in a relaxed, casual manner, starting the video with a joke about the executive toilets. Immediately after, the video transitions to the trophy room shining a spotlight on the company’s achievements and continues to show us the research/manufacturing process and the employee facilities, showcasing the company’s work culture, all in just four minutes.

The takeaway isn’t that you need to hire Christian Horner to make a good corporate video, but that you shouldn’t be afraid to leverage your charisma and break away from corporate conventions if it suits your brand and audience. 

It’s also an excellent example of the “less is more” principle in video production. There are no drone shots, CGI, or fancy camera work, even though Red Bull could surely afford it. Just one cameraman following Horner around the factory. This, coupled with the conversational tone, draws the viewer in and makes them feel like they’re getting their own tour rather than watching a committee-approved PowerPoint presentation of one. 


Fiverr’s “Generic Recruitment Video” 

While the Red Bull Factory tour video tried to appear spontaneous and unscripted, Fiverr chose to lean into the tropes of corporate recruitment videos and wholly subvert them. 

The serious, gravel-voiced narrator and the slow panning shots of glass office buildings are precisely what you would expect from a high-budget corporate video. Yet, the whole thing plays out more like a comedy sketch, making fun of how indistinguishable and uninspired these videos can be. 
This initial subversion of expectations, along with the humor, hooks viewers and keeps them watching until the very end. The company’s name isn’t even mentioned until the last third of the video. 
A self-aware approach like this makes perfect sense for a company recruiting younger talent who might feel disillusioned by traditional corporate messaging. Meanwhile, the high production values reflect Fiverr’s status as an industry leader and make it clear that they are still addressing professionals. 

Danfoss Crown Plaza Sustainability Showcase


Danfoss knows that structural engineering and sustainability are serious topics, and they treat them as such. While the previous videos on this list relied on humor, Danfoss uses data, statistics, and hard facts to address its audience and drive home its values of innovation and reliability. 

The video features interviews with experts and uses animated graphs and text to drive home crucial information about the Crown Plaza building’s thermal efficiency. At the same time, the camera slowly pans over, showcasing all of the relevant facilities. 

Danfoss clearly knows that when addressing an audience of architects, real estate developers, and government officials, it’s better to let your work speak for itself. And they have the results and the data to back everything up! 


Spotify Running 

Spotify’s Running feature showcase is a perfect example of clear messaging and simplicity: it’s short, it’s to the point, and it doesn’t bog the viewer down with lengthy explanations. In fact, it doesn’t even feature a voiceover! 

Instead, it runs you through everything you need to know – pun intended – using bold, brightly colored text overlaid on top of the action, while the energetic music and moody videos of people running drive home the message. 

You could easily recreate this yourself using stock footage and an online business video maker, and this simplicity – coupled with its effectiveness – is precisely what makes it one of the best corporate videos. 

Oakland University’s Employee Appreciation Video


Internal messaging is just as important to an organization as external communication and leadership messages play a key role in strengthening the connection between the leaders and employees in your organization. 

Oakland University made this video to show appreciation to faculty and staff members for their hard work during the recent pandemic. Notice how the editing is kept to a minimum despite the professional setting, there is minimal editing, and most of the footage is recorded using webcams. 

The low production values drive home the point that this is a sincere, public acknowledgment of people’s efforts rather than a rehearsed publicity stunt, which speaks to the company’s values and provides the public with valuable insight into the university’s work culture and environment. 


How to create corporate videos 

Now that you understand corporate videos better and are familiar with some of the best corporate videos of the last decade, it’s time to create your own. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the five steps needed to create amazing corporate videos and give you all the tools you need to do so: 


Step 1: Define your audience and your message

Before you start writing your script, you need to ask yourself who you’re trying to reach and what you’re trying to tell them. The answer to these two questions should inform every other decision you make about your video, from the visuals to the tone of your voiceover. 

For example, suppose you want your corporate video to reach a predominantly young audience. In that case, you might opt for a vertical format more suited to Instagram and TikTok than a traditional landscape video. 


A screenshot showing the 4 aspect ratio presets available in Flixier: 16:9 (for YouTube), 4:5 (for Instagram and Facebook videos), 1:1 (for Instagram feed videos) and 9:16 (for vertical platforms and stories)


This simple choice has completely changed how your video needs to look and the possible runtime of your corporate video (check out this guide to learn more about the ideal length for TikTok videos). While an online video editor like Flixier makes converting your videos from landscape to portrait much more manageable, starting on the right track is still better than pivoting in the middle of editing.


Step 2: Write your script 

A script plays several different roles when creating videos. It allows you to write down all of your ideas, organize them, and see how they flow together, allowing you to finetune your video to ensure that your message is delivered loud and clear. 

When it comes to corporate videos, scripts are also an excellent opportunity to get feedback and double-check aspects of your video with management before you press the Record button.

On top of that, scripts also serve a very functional purpose: they help keep mistakes to a minimum during filming, saving time during the editing process. Not to mention that nowadays, scripts can help you bypass the recording process entirely thanks to advances in text-to-speech technology – but we’ll tell you more about that during the next step. 

If you want to learn how to write a compelling script and get some handy templates to help you get started, check out our Video Scripts 101 article.


Step 3: Choose your video editing platform

Crafting the best corporate video requires appropriate tools. While there are many video editing platforms available, you must find the one best suited to your organization’s needs and workflow. 

Flixier offers several features that aim to streamline the workflow of creating corporate videos, including: 

  • Brand kits and shared libraries - Create shared libraries to ensure everyone on your team can access the same branded media. Use Brand Kits to make brand colors and fonts easily accessible when editing videos. 
  • Stock Assets Libraries - Access stock videos, images, music, and sound effects without leaving the editor. No need to worry about managing different stock media licenses. Just look up what you need and drag it down to the timeline. 
  • Professionally animated motion graphics - Add an extra layer of polish to your videos with animated text and graphics. Customize the text, fonts, and colors to reflect your message and fit within brand guidelines. 
  • AI text-to-speech technology - Generate natural-sounding voiceovers for your corporate videos in minutes. All you need is a script! 
  • Collaboration and feedback tools - Share projects and library assets with team members. Generate Preview Links instantly and share them with team members to get time-stamped feedback on from colleagues. 

Step 4: Record your video and organize your media

This step is straightforward: now that you’ve got your script, it’s time to record your footage and voiceover and import everything into your library. You can use Flixier to import videos from your computer, your phone, or a variety of cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

ALT: A screenshot showing the different import options available in Flixier.

If you’re working with a tight deadline (or a tight budget), you can skip the video shoot altogether and rely on Flixier’s stock asset libraries for visuals. 

ALT: A screenshot showing the multitude of free videos available in the Videos tab of the Stock menu.

Search through millions of videos, images, songs, and sound effects without ever leaving the editor. Preview them on the right side of the screen and drag them down to the timeline to add them to your clip.

And if that’s not enough, our professional video maker also comes equipped with an AI text-to-speech generator that allows you to create voiceovers for your videos in minutes without coming close to a microphone. 

ALT: The Flixier text-to-speech menu with the language and gender options, the different voices, and the Stability and Clarity sliders that tweak the voice.

Step 5: Edit and publish your video

Once you’ve got all your media, it’s time to edit everything together into a video. Trim your clips, eliminate any mistakes or bad takes, and add the final layer of polish with transitions and motion graphics.

When you’re done, click on Export. Flixier uses cloud servers to process your videos, so your corporate video will be ready to publish in minutes. 


In conclusion

Creating successful corporate videos is as much about editing as understanding your audience and crafting compelling messages. We hope the corporate video examples we provided in this article will kickstart your inspiration and help you create the best corporate videos for your organization. 

Regarding video editing, Flixier will help you every step of the way, streamlining the production process and making editing a breeze, whether you’re making a company introduction video presenting your business to the world or creating a how-to video for internal use. 

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