Video Scripts 101: Tips, Tricks and 10+ Free Templates

Video Scripts 101: Tips, Tricks and 10+ Free Templates

The art of crafting visual content is an eclectic mix of creativity and strategic thinking. 

In the past years, we’ve been working with and for many video creators, and we’ve been learning from them exactly what it is that makes the ideas tick and how to get the creative spark going. This is why we’re sharing some industry secrets with you, starting with the very base of any piece of video content: the video script. You know how they say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if someone had the right blueprint, it could have gone a lot smoother. 

Since making video creation experiences smoother is our specialty, we’re ready to walk you through what video scripts are, how to draft one up, and everything else you might need to know before you jump lens-first into creating your content. On top of that, you’ll find 10+  free video script templates up for grabs, so hang in there, open the “Notes” app, or grab a pen and let’s go!


What is a video script? 

When we hear video script, one of the first things that comes to mind is a movie or a theater script, right? Well, your intuition is right on this one, as a video script does pretty much exactly the same thing as its cinematic or theatrical counterpart. A video script is the roadmap of your content, and it not only covers dialogue but also clearly establishes how it will be delivered through elements such as tone or pauses, and it also determines all the other adjoining details of the video. 

Let’s take a look at an example: you’re shooting a music video, and you need to achieve the maximum level of drama as the lead singer stares into their romantic interest’s eyes and mouths an emotional “Goodbye”. A well-done video script would definitely include these directions for both actors, as well as additional ambiance directions, such as dimming the light. 

There’s no such thing as too many details when it comes to a video script, so this can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done this before and if you’re working with other creators. Worry not, as we’re here to help you by walking through everything a video script is, deconstructing the logic behind it, the HOW TO, and giving you examples so your creative journey starts in style.


Why do you need video scripts?

You might wonder why it’s a good idea to resort to a video script template. Well, the short answer is efficiency. Whether we’re talking about time efficiency, production efficiency, or improved accessibility, it all boils down to an optimized workflow process that takes you worrying about every little detail out of the equation and leaves enough room for creativity to flow. Here are the main reasons why knowing how to write a video script and implementing this plan is essential:


Structure, clarity, and precision

Having a clear structure of the message you are trying to convey means, in fact, that you are one step ahead of the game. Fine-tuning your message while still in the drafting stage of your video script means no rambling and a clear discourse that your audience can easily understand and follow. 


Time effectiveness

Why waste time with a dozen takes, all because you keep getting a better idea to change your speech with every single take? Having a video script template to start from is a time-saver on more than one level. This way, you not only have a coherent speech, but you also can keep track of the exact length of the video while you are filming, so you can adjust timing to fit different platform requirements.



Adding captions to your video is a proven method to increase engagement and visibility. So, why not take advantage of this by checking this off your list before you even film the video? While some video editing tools have an AI subtitle generator already built in, if you’re opting for one that does not have this feature, it’s a good idea to have the video script ready to go in text format, so you can add captions that would make your video accessible even to viewers unable to listen or hear.



What really engages your audience is your storytelling technique. It doesn’t matter what type of project you’re working on, as long as you remember that effective storytelling is a key component of your video script. Think of the essence of the message you’re trying to convey, and then try explaining that to a child, a stranger, a best friend, or a grandparent. Improvise and adapt it to your audience's demographics, background, and needs.


SEO improvements

While not a priority for everyone, having a video script can definitely help your videos SEO-wise. By incorporating relevant keywords into your video, either through speech or through a description, you’re increasing your visibility and chances to be picked up in higher ranks by search engines.


Legal protection

On account of the different laws in place in various countries, it’s more than important to pay attention to what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Off the top of our minds, think of the GDPR law in Europe and why it’s essential to be mindful of the information you are trying to convey. This is why having a video script in place will help prevent any legal mishaps.

What types of projects require video scripts?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a social media content creator, a teacher looking to launch an online video course, a vlogger, or you work with any type of video production project. Video scripts are probably the industry’s Holy Grail, and this is why we’ve had a more in-depth look at some of the most common use cases. We’ve slipped a few tips and tricks for you to draw inspiration from and, without any further ado, level up your expertise so you’ll become a video script master in no time.


Ads video script 

Advertisements are short and have a quick window for capturing the audience's attention. They can be melancholic, funny, dramatic, or appealing to any other of the public’s emotions. No matter the tone of your ad, make sure that your video scripts include a call to action, prompting future users to do something: either a purchase, trying out a demo offering, signing up for a newsletter, you name it. Make sure to highlight the value that the product or service you’re promoting brings to the table and entice the audience to go from a first-time purchase to a loyal customer by making it memorable.


Educational video script 

Educational content is all providing an engaging learning experience for your audience, regardless if we’re thinking of quick online courses or even academia-level courses. Break down the content into logical, bite-sized chunks of information and add text to video to help visual learners. Leave room for interactive elements that spark discussion like polls or quizzes and encourage active participation to make the learning experience more fun for the audience. Last but not least, keep in mind that your video scripts need to feature a conclusion that highlights key takeaways and a call to action for further practice.


Product Demo video script

Product demonstration video scripts have a clear purpose: they create a narrative and visual experience that has one result: they drive understanding and increase interest in said product.

Start your walkthrough with key features, how the product is the right answer to the audience’s needs or solves one of their pain points, and end with a no-fluff demonstration of its usage. Make sure that your video script balances an informative tone and engaging hooks, with the greater purpose of making the user’s journey easier.


Social Media video script  

Did you know that the first couple of seconds are vital to grasping your audience’s attention? Yes, that would be our number one tip for writing social media video scripts. It doesn’t matter if you’re on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform you can think of. Be snappy and have a real conversation with your followers, because authenticity is always the answer. You can even use the voiceover technique, so give a try to tools that help you extract audio from video and play around with editing. Another important thing to have in mind is that social media platforms come with guidelines, meaning that you need to be careful with video length. So how can you fit a 4 minute speech into a 90-second Instagram reel? Well, that’s where your craftsmanship comes into play, so make sure you time your lines and don’t go over the platform’s time limit.


YouTube Video script: 

Writing a YouTube video script can be one hell of a journey! We should know since we’ve been doing this for a good while now. No need to panic, though, as we got you covered with a detailed guide that gives you the best tips on writing a YouTube video script. By the way, if you’re specifically looking for some YouTube intro video script inspiration, try to integrate your lines with the ever-so-cool YouTube hover hooks technique to catch the eye of viewers. Remember to have fun with this and be mindful of platform-specific requirements and calls to action. By now we’re sure you’re familiar with the classic formula “Like, share, and subscribe”, so get creative and don’t be scared to start filming.


Animated Video script 

Bring beloved characters to life through stories that you craft in animated video briefs. Since video scripts are the blueprint for animations, they will become the handbook of entire creative teams (even if you’re a one-man show, it will feel good to leave directions for yourself). Animators, voice actors, and writers come together to bring animated colorful characters to life through the power of storytelling, so never underestimate the power of well-written video scripts.


Podcast video script  

Podcast video scripts are the invisible hand that guides moderators and guests through captivating conversations. Every detail, from the introduction of the host all the way to key questions, cues, and talking points are crucial elements of a podcast video script. If you’re looking for inspiration try a podcast transcript tool to break down your favorite show’s lines and see how they are scripted. Use a podcast video editor to mix and match audio and visuals for the best outcome and make your dream come true by streaming away on multiple mediums.


Tutorial or How-To Video script 

If you’re wondering how to write a video script for tutorials or how-to videos, a good starting place is a general presentation. Then, break down the content with a step-by-step approach, so you can walk your audience through everything they need to know. This type of video scripts require a carefully curated structure and language. Depending on your target audience, the tone can range from easy-to-understand,  formal to highly technical jargon. Remember that it’s vital to break down complex tasks into bite-sized segments that are easy to understand and manage by your viewers.


Video Game script 

Scripts for video games reviews, guides, or walkthroughs are the foundation pillars of interactive virtual worlds and all the derivative content you can think of. As we’re sure you’re used to this by now, the audience takes center stage, no matter what type of video you’re sharing. With guides, adapt your speech accordingly: if you’re addressing advanced players, try to steer clear of over-explaining basic concepts, whereas if you’re talking to beginners, plenty of details on the mechanics are a good idea. For reviews, be careful not to spoil the game, and start with the very beginning. Do make sure to provide context for your observations and ground them objectively. Create a clear structure for your video and break it down into chapters, so your viewers can easily navigate through the bits they’re interested in. For example, some may be concerned with performance optimization and machine specs, so instead of forcing them to sit through the entire video instead of pinpointing sections, you can give them a chance to get information and choose whether they want to watch the rest.


Corporate Video script 

A showcase of a professional environment is what you can do best, as long as you’ve got a good plan (ergo, you prepare the video scripts beforehand). Usually, corporate companies have a brand book that tells you all you need to know, so make good use of such resources. Start the scriptwriting with a short introduction on the organization’s history, their mission and vision, then walk through what products and services they offer and any mention-worthy achievements. What better way to show off the company culture and values than to feature employee testimonials? Leave room for some interviews in your video script and you’ll thank yourself later on.


How to write a video script

No matter the category your video production falls under, the benefits of crafting a video script weigh heavily. Here is how to write a script for a video by answering all these questions in detail and you’ll have a complete checklist to follow:


1. Who is your target audience?

Start by answering this one simple question: who will be watching this video? Who are they beyond a username? What are their needs, wants, desires or problems? Remember that while we respond to stories we can relate to, sometimes a little bit of magic and fiction goes a long way. After you thoroughly research and understand who you’re creating for, you can define other pivotal elements such as the platform where you plan to share the video, its length, and all the other things that go into the nitty gritty but crucial category.


2. What is your video’s goal?

Now that you know who’s going to be watching it’s time to ask yourself why they would be watching. Your video has to serve a purpose and tick a little box that shows it has achieved, well, something. Think of the topic you’re filming about and deconstruct the reasoning behind that: is it helping people solve a problem? Is it selling a service or product? Is it creating brand awareness? 


3. What is your plan?

Picking your topic may be a piece of cake, but narrowing down the approach and the overall feel, down to downright detailed notes may not be as easy. Our advice is to develop a concise plan that answers all questions on the theme of the video, key takeaways, and its final purpose through the goals you wish to achieve.


4. What does the overall picture look like? 

This is where the real fun begins and you get to create an outline of the video itself. The best way to do that is to write a video brief that details on the what, who, when, where, why, and most importantly how the magic is going to happen. Don’t be afraid to experiment and jot down all ideas that come to mind; after all, you can clean up the text in the next stages.

PS: We’ve got two free video brief templates up for grabs, along with a complete guide to help you get inspired


5. What are the main sections in your video?

Scriptwriting section by section is underrated. Take your video script writing process one step at a time and do go into details as much as you can. While you may be tempted to only write down the main ideas and improvise, we advise that you stick to a clear structure. Start with a catchy introduction that will make your audience want to keep watching, then move on to the body of the script, where you deliver high-quality content in just the right manner. Incorporate the appropriate call to action and key takeaways into your outro and you’re good to go!


6. How do you review, revise, and rewrite?

Now that the hard part seems to be over, it’s time to get even more creative and go through everything you’ve written down. Take pen to paper or keyboard to screen and cut down any lines you feel don’t fit anymore or add any last-minute jokes you just thought of. Do factor in transitions and effects you might want to incorporate so that everything blends in seamlessly. Remember to give yourself a break whenever you feel like you need a breather.


7. Have you tried a first rehearsal?

Our best advice is that you do a trial run with all the cameras off, so there’s no sort of pressure. You know how the cast of any infamous movie or series sit down at a round table and do the traditional “first reading”? Now it’s your turn to do exactly that, and rumor has it that this final stage is when you get the best ideas and you can put the finishing touches on your video script masterpiece. 


Ready, set, action! Now that we’ve wrapped up with everything you need to know about video scripts, it’s time to take a page out of the playbook and take center stage with your own creations. Try out the lightning-fast online video editor and start editing your cinematic masterpiece. 


Free resource: Video Script Templates for Your Project

Download the free video script templates for creators

The video script templates for creators were carefully crafted to help you ask all the right questions and come up with just the right answers. Download the free video script example templates, and use them to make your video projects come to life.


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