All You Need to Know about Video Briefs (Free Templates Included)

All You Need to Know about Video Briefs (Free Templates Included)

Backed up by the experience of working with and for thousands of creators, the Flixier team has compiled an ultimate guide to video briefs. Video is where creativity meets craftsmanship and we are here to support creators no matter your experience level or the nature of your project. Bonus, you’ll find a free template up for grabs, so let’s dive right into the basics of what a video brief template consists of, how to use it, and all else you need to know.


What is a video brief? 

Think of a video brief as a video strategy blueprint: it lays down all the information you need to know and answers all questions before you even need to ask them. It lays down the action plan and much like an architectural sketch, it helps fill in all the gaps and aligns all involved parties within the same goals as to prevent any mishaps during the production stage. The video project brief is so much more than just a videography brief: it covers all the main information behind the actual deliverable product. This means that a collaboration between a good video production agency or freelancer and any brand or company is facilitated by connecting all the dots, ranging from the basic point of contact details to the nuances in the tone of voice. 

We believe that one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t necessarily the best approach, so we’ve identified the main information you need to include in a video shoot brief if you are looking to work with an external partner to create content separately from the information you need for a video creative brief if you’re a creator working on shooting content. 


Why video briefs make all the difference

We bet you’re wondering how a video brief can benefit creators and brands. Well, it all starts with effectiveness. Think of all the time that can easily go to waste when miscommunication that could swiftly be prevented occurs. A video content brief is necessary to streamline the entire process. Another handy tip is to make sure that the video editing tool of your choice has the capability to save time so you can optimize the resources and really focus on the creative aspect of the process: that can be AI enhancements, collaboration features, automatically generated text, stock libraries of resources, you name it. The accuracy of a video production creative brief will ensure that the entire team behind the project will be happy and in full alignment. Say goodbye to confusing deadlines and unclear, back-and-forth communication. 


When are video briefs required in projects?

While the possibilities are truly endless, we’ve tackled some of the most popular use cases that not only could benefit from, but more likely require video briefs. We made sure to include some tips and tricks that level up your knowledge so much that you’ll be able to create your own personalized video brief template.


Ads video creative brief

Whether we’re thinking of a cute local brand filming their very first collab with an influencer or working with experienced professionals and multiple-digit budgets, all ads require a video creative brief, and sometimes an additional video production brief. You may be wondering what the difference between the two is, and the easiest way to put it is by summarizing: concept and execution. You’d be surprised to know that even a seemingly stiff corporate video brief needs a little creative brainstorming before the job gets done. The recipe for success is to investigate what the audience desires and offer it to them on a silver, gold, bronze or platinum platter. As long as it’s clearly defined in the filming brief you’re good to go. 

Utilize visual aids, such as graphics, animations, and real-world examples in your video brief, to create a comprehensive experience and increase retention by making your ad memorable.

Educational video creative brief

Educational content is one of the most popular (and for the right reasons) types of video. As you’re already used by now, the emphasis falls on the target audience. Who are you speaking to? Are you speaking their language (not literally, but you get the point)? Bear in mind that there are visual add-ons that would enhance the entire viewing experience. You can easily annotate videos online to better convey your message and this is actually a best practice.

Consider incorporating interactive elements like quizzes, polls, or discussions to promote active learning and audience participation. Avoid jargon or technical language that might confuse your public by using analogies or metaphors to simplify complex concepts.

Product Demo Video Brief: Crafting an engaging product demo video brief comes with its own set of challenges. It’s more than important to allocate a section within your video brief that is dedicated to product details. Highlighting specific features that can be extracted from product specs and pre-existing marketing materials needs to be done carefully to make sure you are getting through to the right audience by showcasing value. It’s a great idea to include a clear script that touches upon all these points in your video brief template for associates.


Social Media Video Brief: Social media platforms have their own requirements and trends for video content, which is something you need to take into account when drafting your social media video brief. Make sure to cover all aspects, starting with video specifications like aspect ratio, size and the duration of the video. A great hack is to be mindful of social media safe zones to avoid any unfortunate overlaps with platform interfaces. Any collaborator of yours would appreciate this piece of advice. 

YouTube Video Brief: Crafting a YouTube video brief has specific requirements that we recommend you incorporate into your roadmap. Take into account information such as the title of the video, any keywords that you need in the description for SEO purposes, and a selection of tags and directions on the thumbnail. Another great tip is to get a detailed YouTube video script up and running right from the start, so you don’t miss out on any crucial details along the way. It’s always a good idea to add specific call-to-actions, either verbally through the script or through visuals, all of which have to be specified in your video brief.

Animated Video Brief: The immersive world of visual storytelling wouldn’t have gotten so far if it weren’t for animated video briefs. Start with a script, your desired animation style such as stop-motion or RPG-style graphics, complete character profiling, and the tone and mood of the production. If there are any voiceover or funky sound effects needs, make sure to cover those as well in your video brief, and just like that, you’ll have a well-thought-out plan on your hands and an amazing animation in no time. 

Event Promo Video Brief: We know how difficult event organizing can be, so why make the to-do list harder by not having an event promotional video brief? Regardless if you’re working with an external collaborator or have an in-house video team, make sure to include all the details about what you would need to be featured in the promo video, starting with opening shots, the atmosphere or specific guests, and all the way to the ending and credits. You can even create sub-tasks for snippets of the video to be featured on social media platforms!

Case Study Video Brief: For case study videos, the template might outline the problem, solution, and results to be highlighted, as well as any customer testimonials or data to include.

A compelling case study video brief is, in fact, a well-structured plan to exhibit a success story by highlighting the effect your product or service has had on a client’s journey. Make sure to include the initial problem, how you tackled it, and how the solution has brought impactful results within the information section in your video brief. A great tip is to do so by emphasizing a client testimonial (but more on that later). 

Tutorial or How-To Video Brief: If your marketing strategy includes educational content, you can definitely benefit from crafting a tutorial video brief or even a how-to video brief. You may want to consider adding information on the steps or walkthrough for the product, key moments that the tutorial would cover, and even catchphrases to create a meaningful connection with the audience. It’s a good idea to include a clear script for the public to draw actionable insights. Answer questions before they even arise, right from the video brief.

Interview or Testimonial Video Brief: A well-documented interview video brief, much like a testimonial video brief, has to provide structure for the entire piece of content. In planning this type of video production, it’s crucial to include key discussion points, insightful questions, and handy prompts that would guide the discussion further. You might want to consider adding some background information on the testimonial contributor or interviewee to your video brief, specifically to gain the knowledge to encourage them to engage in authentic conversation. Even more, if you are shooting from multiple angles, this needs to be clearly specified in your video brief template.


Corporate Video Brief: Showcasing a professional setting through video content might pose a challenge, but with the right plan in mind (and on paper), you’ll manage to convey just the right message. It’s important to note that corporate video brief templates need to feature an entire section dedicated to information on the company, extracted strategically from the organization brand book. Whether it’s the company mission and values, visual identity assets like the logo, or even information about the featured employees, all this knowledge needs to be clearly spelled out in the video brief. 


Video production brief

The backbone of any successful video production project lies in the meticulous planning and strategy encapsulated within a video production brief. Regardless of whether we’re thinking about a complex project like a training video for the HR department that requires a corporate video brief or a simple Instagram Reel that you are filming for a local florist shop, your video editing brief will be crafted according to - you guessed it - audience needs and desires. Make sure to enrich your content with sound and visual elements: it’s only so simple to add audio to video or add images to video in any production environment with the right tool.


Bonus tip: The key to creating a compelling video that resonates with your audience is effective storytelling. Craft a story that would engage and immerse the audience by using creative hooks and meaningful iteration and make sure the storyline is included in your video brief.

Video brief checklist for creators

As promised, we’ve already written down the main information your action plan needs, so you can use it as a video creative brief template. Whether you are looking forward to collaborating with a brand to showcase their new product, working with another creator, or even drawing inspiration for your own channels and future collabs, here are the most important steps to factor in:



Find out all about the who, what, when, and where by asking for a clear overview of the brand you are going to be working with. Be it a product or service you’d be promoting, include contact information for proper communication as the first thing that needs to be included in any video brief. 


Without any shadow of a doubt, perhaps one of the most important steps in video briefs is to clearly set the dates for soft or hard deadlines. Trust us on this one. ;)


In case you need to purchase propos: anything from a unicorn costume to a life-size statue (all real requirements at some point, we know!), be sure that you mutually agree upon spending conditions right from the start.


Brand information

Include relevant information, ranging from a couple of quick facts about the brand, their products, services, location, and even brand book type of info: the mission, the vision, their tone of voice, and visual identity tips are crucial. 


Another key component of any video brief sample, the goals will ensure that there is a purpose that can be attained (and why not, measured). Ask for a detailed breakdown of your collaborator’s objectives.


A clear analysis of the competitors’ work can help shed light on your approach. After all, it’s smart to see what others are doing, how they’re doing it, and more importantly, how people are reacting to it.

As a creator, your community is a driving force that empowers your content to have an impact beyond screens. Carefully inquiring regarding your collaborator’s target audience allows you to draft a clear video editing brief that would result in meaningful productions. 


Project-specific information

Drafting a campaign from scratch can be a real head-scratcher in itself. We’re here to make that simple with 

More simply, the key message is the core idea you are trying to convey. What is it you want to state? Having all the information in the message clearly stated from the beginning is crucial. This includes, but is in no way limited to: keywords that must be included in the description, hashtags, and calls to action.


Distribution strategy? We’re sure that this may be implied straight from the moment you sign a contract, but it’s better to make sure that both parties are fully aligned with the social platforms the content will be shared on right from the start.


Any catchphrases you usually use that feel like they might not be fit for the audience? You might want to consider asking for a clear breakdown of the tone of voice your associate has made common practice and try to align, if possible.


It’s always best to ask, not assume. Certain brands can ask you to insert their logo within the video as a pop-up or could even require that you highlight the brand colors either through edits or props. Pro tip: asking for a mood board is a great way to better understand the associate’s vision.


Last but not least, the script of the video production. Some brands may send one your way, and some brands may leave it entirely up to you, but what you need to remember is that your community appreciates authenticity, so keep it real and always sprinkle your personal touch.


Video brief checklist for brands

Similarly to how we’ve listed the main information needed for a video production brief for creators, we’ve taken into consideration all the needs and complexities of working as a brand that requires visual content to be created by a third party. Whether it’s an experienced influencer your Marketing Manager has proposed you work with or an up-and-coming creator, make sure to follow these guidelines to help your collaborator with a video shoot brief template:



Provide the need-to-know basis information, such as the organization’s name, the product, and corresponding materials. Make sure to include your main stakeholder’s contact information.



What has this video got to accomplish? Describe what your intention is and how you would desire the target audience to react and behave as a result of watching the video. 


Measurable metrics

While not a necessity, it’s beneficial to include a selection of quantifiable metrics in your video brief. Of course, depending on the products or services you’re offering, as well as your collaborator’s community and the overall objectives you initially had in mind, you need to analyze them carefully to get the best recipe for your use case:

  • Number of views
  • Engagement interactions: likes, comments and/or shares
  • Conversion rate (if there is a link redirect to a Landing Page of your choice)
  • Number of leads (if there is a link redirect to a Landing Page of your choice)
  • Time spent on your selected Landing page (if there is a link redirect)



Speaking of target audiences, who is yours? Provide a detailed description of audience demographics, user personas, and other data you consider relevant and overlapping with the creator’s community. 



Are you looking to empower a certain category of the public through the use of a specific product? Describe the theme and message of your project as detailed as possible.


Distribution strategy

This may already be part of the contract you’ve signed, but make sure to highlight that the deliverable videos need to be fit for the intended platform, whether it’s formal LinkedIn content or snappy TikToks.


Brand Tone of Voice

As part of your brand identity, consistency in the tone of voice used when communicating to consumers or to other businesses is crucial. It’s a great idea to include a brand handbook that features highlighted snippets of content that showcase your tone of voice.


Brand visual assets

Similarly to our previous piece of advice, having a clear guideline to follow when it comes to visual brand identity is more than advisable. Just think of how creators can insert easter eggs such as your brand color palette in their video content and the joy a brand adept feels when picking up on these subtle cues.



Making your collaborator’s job easier and more straightforward with a script they can read is more common than you’d think. Depending on your brand’s tone and values, this may be good to include in the video production brief. Of course, this isn’t a must, as you can see from the little asterisk, but it’s worth giving a try and a helping hand. Here’s a handy resource on how to write YouTube video scripts that you can easily draw inspiration from. ;)



We don’t need to remind you about the importance of market research, so we’re sure that by now you’ve got all the right intel on what your competitors are doing within your niche. Decide whether there are things you definitely wouldn’t want to replicate, even by accident, evaluate what the public loves, and write it all down transparently. 



To avoid any misunderstandings, it’s best to set out right from the start exactly how you envision the timeline of the project. Set up meetings for feedback if necessary and ensure that the soft and hard deadlines are acknowledged by your associates.



We’d like to stress the importance of clear communication of all aspects relating to budget: whether it’s extra expenses or even the payout for the creative deliverable, have it all written down in the open, so you can avoid any confusion.


Thank you for joining us in the journey of crafting compelling content and we hope you enjoy using this playbook of video briefs in your quest to make cinematic magic. 


Free resources: Video Brief Template for Your Project

The video creative brief template for creators is designed with your needs in mind. You will find that all sections are ready to be filled with dazzling ideas to get your video projects up and running in no time. Simply download the file and fill out the fields.


The video production brief template for brands is created to help you check all the right boxes and save precious time and resources, regardless of the nature of your video project. Download the file below and fill it out to kickstart your own video production project.

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