The easiest way to cut and download YouTube videos

The easiest way to cut and download YouTube videos

So, you’ve found a YouTube video that you want to save and cut. Maybe it’s to make a .GIF or a meme, or maybe you’ve got a reaction/commentary channel and you need to splice some parts of the video into your own clip. 

No matter what your reasons are, we’re going to show you a tool that can do it all in the easiest, fastest way possible. The Flixier YouTube cutter not only lets you cut YouTube videos and save them to your own computer (or to cloud storage) in minutes, it also gives you the ability to perform more advanced edits and add transitions, motion text, record voice and video and even add images or combine your YouTube clip with other clips. 

On top of all that, our YouTube video clipper works entirely online. That means you don’t have to install or download anything to your computer in order to cut and download YouTube videos. Just log in, paste your YouTube link to import it and you’re good to go!

And since it’s all cloud-based, it will run smoothly on any computer you use it on. Flixier lets you cut and download YouTube videos on Mac, Windows and Chromebooks! And since it’s all cloud-based, it will run smoothly on any computer you use it on. That’s because Flixier does all the hard video processing work on powerful cloud servers. This way, our YouTube video editor doesn’t put any stress on your computer hardware, allowing you to enjoy a smooth editing experience even when working on complex projects. We also save your projects and media library in the cloud so you can always access it easily and resume your work seamlessly, wherever you are. That being said, if you’re in the market for a computer upgrade, we recommend that you check out this great guide that we found to help you pick the best laptop for video editing

Now that we’ve told you all about the online video trimmer we’re going to use for this method, let’s take a look at how it’s done: 


Step 1: Import the YouTube video

Open up your YouTube video and copy the link to your video:

A screenshot of the YouTube homepage with someony copying the video URL.

Create a Flixier account, log in and hit Create Project. If you want to cut a YouTube video for Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok, make sure to choose a video shape that works for mobile screens! 

Screenshots of the Flixier login and Create Project interface

Click the blue Import button, choose the YouTube option, paste your link and hit Enter. Your video will instantly show up on the editing Timeline. 

The Flixier Import interface, with the YouTube option highlighted

Step 2: Cut, trim or crop a YouTube video

Start cutting! Drag the playhead (the little yellow bar) around to where you want to make your cuts and then press the Cut button (or the S key if you want to move a little faster). 

You can also use Flixier to crop your video in order to fix any framing issues, create split screen effects, or convert a landscape video to portrait (in order to make a YouTube Short or share your video as a TikTok or Instagram Reel). To crop a video with Flixier, all you need to do is select it on the timeline, go to the Video tab on the right side of the screen and use the crop sliders. Alternatively, you can also just choose a new resolution for your canvas and then drag on the video to adjust the framing.


Step 3: Download or share your YouTube video

Once you’re done, click on Export. You can give your new video a name and choose whether you want to publish it back to YouTube or send it to any social media and cloud storage websites. Your video will take 2-3 minutes to render and then you’ll be able to download to your computer as well! 


Why Flixier is the best app for cutting and downloading YouTube videos

As you can see, Flixier does everything you would expect from an online YouTube video cutter, but let’s take another look at what separates it from the other alternatives you can find on Google: 

  • No downloads or installs means you don’t have to worry about shady apps being installed on your computer along with the YouTube downloader.
  • It works on anything so you don’t need to worry about what operating system you’re using.
  • It’s all drag and drop with an intuitive interface, so it’s easy to figure out how to do things without wasting hours watching tutorials.
  • It’s not just a YouTube downloader: it’s a full blown video editor that runs in your browser, so you can use it for quick cuts, but you can also make complex edits with it if you ever need to! No need to move on to a different app when you’re ready to do more!

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know how it works, you can register a free Flixier account and start cutting and downloading YouTube videos right now!

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