Why you need to learn video editing in 2022

Why you need to learn video editing in 2022

You might have noticed the popularity of video content — from the rise of Youtube to the emergence of TikTok and Instagram Reels. However, you might not be convinced yet to switch from what you’re producing to more dynamic, visual content. Read on to discover if it’s worth learning video editing in 2022 and what resources you can access to get started. 

6 Reasons why learning video editing online is important

To help you make an informed decision, let’s explore the best reasons why now’s the right moment to learn to edit videos:


Your content will be more impactful

Imagine creating a strong bond with your audience within seconds. You can make it happen through video. By creating eye contact with your camera and using natural body language to express yourself authentically, your viewers will feel closer to you and your words will be more impactful.


Videos can be accessed anywhere

In this technological age, videos can be watched anytime and anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection. Unlike other types of content, videos are easily “consumed” even when you’re on the go, wishing to be entertained and informed, or simply needing a break. 

Videos are the present and the future

TikTok’s immediate success has proven the fact that video is here to stay. Even YouTube has introduced an additional type of video content called “Youtube Shorts”. Instagram has also followed the trend with IG TV and Instagram Reels. Everywhere you look, you will notice that video is unanimously recognized as being the present and the future. 

You’ll gain access to more professional opportunities

When we say “video editing” as a career path, you probably think of jobs in film and TV production, but these days there are other options too. You could start creating content for training, marketing, and presentations to clients. You could be making more money while having fun with visuals. Learning to edit videos is never a waste of time.


You'll save money

You won’t have to pay big money next time you need fresh video content for your social media accounts or when you want to store remarkable moments in your life — from weddings to epic parties. You’ll also be able to use your new skill to help your family and friends. 

You can start working as a freelancer

If freedom has been a dream of yours for a long time you can finally achieve it once you gain video editing skills. The possibilities are limitless — you could create explainer videos, intros for youtube channels or even marketing-related content. Experiment with as many types of content as you like.


What’s the best way to learn video editing?

learn video editing

Now that we’ve uncovered the importance of video editing, let’s explore ways you can start creating. The easiest and most convenient way to gain knowledge fast is by learning video editing online from the comfort of your home. To help you identify your ideal online video editing course, we’ll look at several popular platforms and mention great tutorials. 



Udemy is known to be a great source of information and courses on demand. Due to its popularity, it’s easy to find the right instructor for you. We’ll mention some of the best Udemy video editing courses sorted by the most reviewed ones: 


  • “Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator”. Julian Melanson will reveal insights from his 7 years of filmmaking experience in 5 hours.  You will learn everything you need to learn from pre-production to editing. 
  • “Video Production Bootcamp: Videography, Cinematography+”. In this course created by Phil Ebiner, William Carnahan and Sam Shimizu-Jones you will learn how to make better videos in terms of video production, cinematography, editing and distribution.
  • “VIDEO STORYTELLING. Creative Excellence Class”. This course taught by Andrew St.Pierre White (award-winning TV broadcaster and director) will focus on creative videography, storytelling, shooting and editing in an easy-to-follow course.



Skillshare is fun, engaging and educational. If you’re looking for an experience that’s more playful than restrictive, Skillshare is just that. You can create a free account and benefit from a free pro trial when signing up for the first time. On Skillshare, you will be inspired by artists around the world and discover international techniques to make your videos stand out. 

  • “iPhone & Android Video Editing (how to edit video all on your phone!)” taught by Heather Hukari. Who says you need an expensive setup to create impactful videos? Heather Hukari will show you how you can record and edit videos on your phone. You’ll learn how to combine your clips together, add seamless transitions and choose the right music.
  • “Video for Instagram - Tell an Engaging Story in Less Than a Minute”. Just like the title says, this online course will help you get started with video easily. Hallease Narvaez (digital storyteller, and video producer) will show you how to use jump cuts to convey the passage of time, how to film in slow motion for humor or impact and incorporate text for humor.
  • “Creating a Modern, Cinematic Documentary Film with Soul” taught by Dandan Liu, filmmaker is the course you need if you want to quickly learn how to create aesthetic atmosphere and mood. 



If you know where to look, YouTube is a great source of knowledge and inspiration. To save you time, we’ll mention some channels that will teach you how to create engaging videos fast and easy. 


  • Justin Brown - Primal Video

    This channel will teach you how you can enhance your business and brand with video content. You will discover video editing tutorials, gear reviews, and video production tips & tricks to level up the quality of your content.
  • Bring Your Own Laptop 

On this channel, you will find high quality information tutorials. It’s a great choice if you want to learn how to make your videos look more professional. Besides receiving video editing tips, you’ll also gain insights into graphic design techniques.


  • Flixier

To learn how to create and publish videos faster than ever, check out Flixier’s learning center on Youtube. You will discover how easy it is to leverage built-in motion graphics that give your videos a professional look and enjoy fast rendering speed on any device. Subscribe to keep up with loads of tutorials made by experts.


Overall, the best place to learn video editing is wherever you feel inspired and focused. Choose informative and entertaining courses that provide useful knowledge at the right pace and make you feel excited to create your own content. 

Learn on the go & publish faster 

As mentioned above, nowadays there are numerous online courses to choose from, specifically tailored for your creative needs and level. But what if you don’t have the time to learn intricate programs or you’re too eager to start creating right now? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover what tool you can use today for the first time and publish videos on the go.  


Flixier video editing


Flixier is the solution you need. It offers you all the necessary video editing tools for you to shine on screens. Due to its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to add text to videos, images, sounds, transitions and auto-subtitles using this online video editor. You can also trim, cut or crop videos fast without downloading or installing any software.

You don’t even need expensive GPUs to work on good-quality videos. With Flixier you can render any video in 3 minutes or less. Try it out — you’ll enjoy the flexibility of creating the type of content you desire. 

These days, you don’t have to worry about how long it takes to learn video editing. As proven in this article, there are numerous short courses you can easily access as well as intuitive creation tools to help you publish stunning videos fast. Get ready to bring your ideas to life and wow your target audience with your visuals.

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