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Use a super fast online WAV cutter

Make cuts, trims and edits to your audio track easily with our online WAV cutter. The intuitive interface makes Flixier a user-friendly complete audio and video editing toolkit you can work with regardless of experience. Streamline your workflow, straight from your preferred browser.

Say goodbye to having to download and install third-party software and say hello to a seamless audio and video editing experience. Give our online WAV audio cutter a go for lightning speed and precision.

Fast and intuitive WAV Cutter Online

Cut WAV and edit multimedia

Flixier is so much more than just a WAV cutter. Work with audio tracks, videos, images and even GIFs. Enjoy a wide range of compatible formats, from MP3, FLAC, MPEG, MOV, AVI, all the way to MP4 and more.

Enhance audio quality

Improve the quality of your audio files with our all-in-one WAV cutter and online video editor. The audio enhancer feature empowers you to clean up audio tracks by removing unwanted background noise.

Combine multiple audio tracks

Mix and match multiple sounds and audio files with our WAV cutter and editor. Flixier’s audio cutter helps you work with multiple tracks at once, which you can equalize and adjust individually.

The all-in-one WAV cutter and video editor

Don’t stop at the WAV audio cutter feature. The fastest online video editor enables you to cut, trim, crop, and add effects, transitions and AI enhancements. Explore rich footage and music stock libraries.

How to cut WAV files:

How to cut WAV files:

Import your WAV track

Click on “Get started” to power up Flixier in your browser. Tap the “Import” button to bring over your WAV file or get them straight from your favorite cloud storage providers like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox through our smart integrations.


Cut and edit:

Play around with our intuitive interface and preview changes in real time. Cut using the “Cut” button or by pressing “S” on your keyboard, then arrange your tracks as you desire. Explore other audio and video customization features to level up your editing game. 


Download your audio:

Once you are done cutting your WAV file , tap the “Export” button and select the “Audio” format from the dropdown menu. Your audio track can easily be saved to your computer as a highly-compatible MP3 file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I trim a WAV file without losing quality?
How do I trim a WAV file without losing quality?

Can you edit a WAV file?
Can you edit a WAV file?

What are the limitations of WAV file format?
What are the limitations of WAV file format?

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