How to create tutorial videos + 7 ideas you can try out

How to create tutorial videos + 7 ideas you can try out

Baking a cake from scratch, building a bookshelf, mastering new software, fitness workouts, or makeup techniques—you can learn almost anything through a video tutorial on the internet.

how-to video tutorial is a go-to resource that breaks down concepts, tasks, or skills into easy-to-follow steps, with a clear demonstration and other helpful tips. By design, a video tutorial is informative, approachable, and provides handy information that makes you feel as if you’ve got a friendly expert right beside you.

Here is everything you need to know about how to create tutorial videos and 7 examples to help you create video tutorials that truly inspire.


Why is a video tutorial everyone’s best friend?

  1. Speeding up the learning curve and learning something new through a shortcut that saves time is perhaps the most important reason why we are grateful to those who create video tutorials.
  2. Accessibility without restrictions by watching a “how to” video at any time and anywhere, means that leveling up a skill is now more convenient than ever.
  3. Visual learners unite! Actually seeing a video tutorial and a detailed breakdown of steps to take helps more than you know.
  4. Last but not least, creators using a video tutorial maker are doing us a great favor by turning learning into a fun and engaging activity.


How to create tutorial videos

If you’re just starting to plan your content and researching how to make a tutorial video, you’re in the right place. The best advice is to practice, practice, and practice some more, and you will see results. Or, you can go the smart route and use a specialized video tutorial maker.


Plan ahead before you create video tutorials

Even the Empire State Building was once a mere blueprint drawing, so don’t shy away from jotting down any and every detail you consider relevant to your plan before you start to create video tutorials. Do your research like a true expert and start from scratch with a video brief to nail down all the information you need before you think of how to make a tutorial video.


Script and map out your content

Structure, clarity, and technical jargon being broken down into concise instructions are only some of the elements that you need to consider when you create tutorial videos. You can either use a video script template or simply write down your instructional speech and practice before actually filming or recording your how to video.


Prepare your equipment

Don't be scared if you’re just learning how to create tutorial videos for the first time! All you need is a device that’s equipped with a camera. Yes, you read that right: there’s no need to invest in heavy and expensive equipment if you’re just starting out and experimenting while trying to create tutorial videos. Replace costly recording equipment with an online voice recorder for great results. Even better, use  audio enhancer features to get rid of unwanted background noise like humming and buzzing for a professional recording studio-like quality.


Film or record your content

Now that you’re ready to jump deeper into your journey on how to create tutorial videos, it’s time to actually get down to business and start recording content. Don’t stress if you can’t get it all in one perfect, smooth take since it will come naturally once you create video tutorials again and again.


Edit and bring your content to life with a video tutorial maker

The next step in how to make a tutorial video is to bring all the puzzle pieces together. Use a video tutorial maker that checks the following boxes:

  • Complete video editing toolkit with basic features like cutting and trimming
  • Visual effects and transitions
  • The add text to video tutorial feature to mark key elements
  • The ability to add audio to video for a more interactive experience


Optimize your video tutorial

Gaining visibility isn’t always included in the “how to create tutorial videos” book, but we’ve already taken care of that. No matter your choice of video hosting platform, it’s always a good idea to optimize your content through a video SEO checklist, so that more people come across your how to video tutorials. Remember to be mindful of platform specifics to meet conditions that can ensure maximum visibility for you content when you create video tutorials.


Bonus: tips and tricks on how to create tutorial videos 

Here are some elements you’ll need to incorporate when you create video tutorials:

  • Go for a short and catchy introduction and give an overview of the steps ahead.
  • Add background music and sound effects to your how to video
  • Leverage visual aids and mark your content by using the draw on video feature to highlight specific elements.
  • If you’re learning how to make a tutorial video for the first time, watch multiple examples from your niche to draw inspiration and see what the audience loves.
  • For enhanced accessibility the effortless way, opt for adding subtitles with an auto subtitle generator to help audience members with hearing impairments or viewers watching on mute.
  • Build a content distribution strategy. While this isn’t technically part of the how to create tutorial videos playbook, it’s a great idea to repurpose your how to video into bite-sized snippets you can share on social media.
  • Last but not least, use a professional-grade video tutorial maker much like Flixier that is easy-to-use and provides access to a full video editing toolkit


7 video tutorial examples and ideas you can try out

Screen recording videos

Who would have thought that the secret to making a tutorial video can be as simple as using a screen recording and video tutorial maker for editing? Adding a voiceover to the mix, whether it’s your own or an AI-generated text-to-speech, is all you need to share your wisdom through a video tutorial.


Talking head how-to video

Perhaps one of the most popular techniques encountered in the beauty industry’s how to video niche are close-ups that demonstrate putting makeup on. 


Step-by-step video tutorial

The most popular recommendation you’ll see when you look up how to make a tutorial video is filming a step-by-step how to video. It goes without saying that you can easily try this out alongside timelapse sequences and voice over segments.


Picture-in-picture how-to video

Another great tip to keep in mind as you create video tutorials is to try out the picture-in-picture video method. Often combined with the talking head technique, you will find that inserting snippet-like pictures or even videos of products, instruments, and other similar visual elements helps your audience take note of your advice a lot easier than having to follow a list of links in a description. 


Animation how-to video

You don’t need super advanced animation knowledge when you’re starting out and experimenting as you create video tutorials. This is a great example of how to make a tutorial video using stick figures, overlaid pictures, and other visual elements to teach guitar playing. So simple, yet so entertaining and easy to follow!


Timelapse video tutorial

Sometimes, you don’t even need words to create video tutorials. Taking a page out of this creator’s how to make a tutorial video book, you’ll find that all you need to do is set up a camera, use a video tutorial maker to craft a timelapse, and add some royalty-free music to the mix for a flawlessly simplistic gardening how to video.


Stock footage 

This is a great how to video example that seamlessly blends stock footage with screen recording sections and simple text explainers in between. Oftentimes, if you’re wondering how to create tutorial videos for software programs, you will find that this is a winning combination. 


Now that you’ve got the right inspo on how to create tutorial videos, it’s time to get down to business and get your content out there. Remember that all you need to create video tutorials is expertise within a preferred subject area, some time dedicated to crafting the content, and a great video tutorial maker. Try out Flixier, the online video editor you can use on virtually any device with an internet connection, and level up your video editing game to the professional league.

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