Unveiling the future: 50+ ideas to kickstart your video marketing content calendar

Unveiling the future: 50+ ideas to kickstart your video marketing content calendar

Whether the year is just starting and you’ve got the January blues, it’s the end of Q1 and you’re looking for a creative video content idea, the sun is shining and you’d rather be on the beach but you need to wrap up a social media video calendar, or you’re simply looking for today’s significance, we’ve got you covered. As part of your 2024 video marketing strategy, try to include video content that’s aligned with a well-sorted calendar, never to miss and mark special occasions. 



New Year’s Day (1 January) 🥳

What’s a better way to start the year than sharing a retrospective of the past trip around the sun or sharing motivational video snippets for some extra motivation? Use a New Year video maker to streamline the whole creative process.


World Logic Day (14 January) 🧠

This day is all about celebrating the power of clear thinking, smart reasoning, and, in short…logic. Craft engaging and challenging content like brain teasers, thought-provoking questions, and brilliant quiz videos. Think smart! ;)



Black History Month (February) 🤎

Celebrate the inspirational stories, legacy, achievements, and rich history of African American culture. Try out a slideshow video to raise awareness and spread more knowledge on important topics.


World Cancer Day (4 February) 🎗️

Honor World Cancer Day by spreading awareness and fostering hope for those affected by this cruel illness. Sharing stories of resilience and happy endings is the least we can do as we stand united against cancer.


Chinese New Year (10 February) :mirror_ball:

Happy #LunarNewYear! Embrace traditions from all across the world by showcasing them as bite-sized social media videos. Legen has it if you use Flixier to edit your videos means extra good fortune and digital prosperity ;)


Valentine’s Day (14 February) 💕

Love is in the air as we celebrate it in all its glory and forms. Spread the love by crafting heartwarming videos as hearts flutter on the most romantic day of the year. You can also take this opportunity to send out video wedding invitations. Who doesn’t love celebrating love?


Random Acts of Kindness Day (17 February) :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Make the world brighter one video at a time, as you’re sharing all about small gestures that make a great difference. Go for anonymous kindness challenges or support a local NGO initiative to celebrate this day.


Lantern Festival Day (24 February) 🏮

Embrace the enchantment of this day with DIY lantern video ideas or with stunning timelapse shots of lanterns lighting up the sky. 


Digital Learning Day (29) 🧑‍💻

The power of knowledge and education in the digital age can be celebrated through supporting fellow creators or becoming one to foster online learning with an educational video maker.



World Compliment Day (1 March) 🤗

You look beautiful today! You’re the best friend anyone can ask for. Whatever shape it takes, a compliment makes anyone’s day. Use a video maker to let your loved ones know why you appreciate them.


World Wildlife Day (3) 🦎🐼

Did you know that crocodiles can’t stick their tongues out? World Wildlife Day is the perfect occasion to craft a video clip that’s all about fun facts on the fascinating fauna and flora of the world.


International Women’s Day (8) 🌸

Mothers, daughters, sisters, or girlfriends: celebrate women’s strength, resilience, beauty, and grace. Honor the incredible women in your life by sharing meaningful content about ladies who inspire us.


St Patrick’s Day (17) 🍀

St. Patty’s can take pots of gold, shamrocks, and lucky charms to the next theme-party level. A fun idea is to craft a green-themed video invitation to your party so that you can celebrate alongside friends.


International Day of Happiness (20 March) 😊

Ready, set, smile! What a perfect opportunity to share a video about what truly brings you happiness and what a wonderful way to inspire others to feel the same way.


National Puppy Day (23 March) 🐾

In case anyone ever needed an excuse to share adorable videos of puppies, today is the day! Raising awareness for puppy shelters through videos is an amazing contribution to bring.


Easter (31 March) :nest_with_eggs::rabbit2:

Easter is the season’s most beloved holiday, Easter. While the Catholics celebrate Easter on March 31st this year, bear in mind that the Orthodox Easter follows on May 5. Take advantage of this joyful occasion to share your best wishes, intricately crafted and decorated eggs, and irresistibly cute bunny video content.



April Fool’s Day (1 April) 🤡

Mischief managed as you share good laughs and epic pranks compilations. Trick your viewers, share playful video content, and make memories that will always bring about a smile.


World Health Day (7) 🩺

Get everyone up & moving with these video marketing ideas for gyms. World Health Day can be about treatment and prevention, so why not emphasize the importance of sports for a strong, healthy life?


International Plant Appreciation Day (13) 🌱

Do you love plants as much as we do? There’s no better time to make a slideshow to showcase your thriving plant collection. Succulents, cacti, ferns, you name it & show it!


World Art Day (15) 🎨

A stroke of brilliance here, a splash of color there, and a World Art Day to celebrate. Beauty can take many shapes and forms, so celebrate this day by making art out of video however you like: be it a stop motion video, a motivational video for artists or by using a photo animation maker to bring your creations to life.


Earth day (22) 🌏

Show off jaw-dropping scenery by using a zoom in transition: start with a satellite image of the Earth and pinpoint where you want your audience to “travel”. It’s a great day to show off the wonders of our planet!

International Dance Day (29) 💃🕺

Groove and celebrate dancing with a twist by sharing behind-the-scenes rhythms or detailed dancing tutorials. Bust a move and make every step count by using a dance video maker to get everyone to move and feel the music. 



Mental Health Awareness Month :people_hugging:

Break the stigma around mental health and foster empathy by sharing meaningful content like tips for well-being or bite-sized video pieces on mindfulness. 


International Worker’s Day (1 May) 👷

Salute the spirit of all hardworking individuals by sharing day-in-life videos or workplace appreciation videos like “Meet the team” and take this opportunity to thank them for makin’ the world go round.


Star Wars Day (4 May) 🌌

May the force be with you! Take advantage of this day to play upon the iconic Star Wars day and share your favorite edit snippets from the famous franchise. Embrace the galactic magic and craft epic content that’s worthy of a galaxy far-far away. 


Cinco de Mayo (May 5) 🇲🇽

Savor the flavor and joy of the vibrant Mexican culture as you celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Craft wholesome content to showcase epic Mariachi Serenades, Mexican cuisine recipes or DIY Fiesta decorations. 


International Day of Light (16 May) 🔬

Celebrate the wonderfully bright impact of light in science, art, culture, education, and technology. Embrace brilliance with light painting videos or shine the spotlight on DIY light decorations to mark this special day.


Memorial Day (27 May) 🇺🇲🕊️

Pay your respects to the brave, fallen heroes through a virtual tribute. Remember and honor their dedication to the country by telling stories of their sacrifice.



Pride month 🏳️‍🌈

Embrace love and diversity by celebrating the vibrant LGBTQ+ community. Amplify the message of acceptance by sharing pride stories that honor individuality through awareness.


Children’s Day (1 June) 🧸

Let your inner child come out and play as you capture the magic of joy and laughter with kids-oriented DIY videos, adventure vlogs, or even a “growing up” slideshow. 


World Environment Day (5 June) 🌳

Go green and share information about how we can treat our planet better. Use a green screen effect to “travel” between thriving places and zones deeply affected by pollution to urge people to take action.


Juneteenth (19 June) 🌎

Today, we commemorate and celebrate freedom and resilience. Let us honor the past by bringing awareness to stories of freedom and empowerment of the community.


International Yoga Day (21 June) 🧘

Keep it zen as you embrace serenity with meditation moments videos or yoga tutorials. Help your viewers find their inner balance as we celebrate this day.


Social media day (30 June) 🤳

It’s about time we showed social media managers some love! Use a social media video maker to mark this special digital occasion and give your viewers a sneak peek into the secrets of the social media industry that you’ve been using.


International Joke Day (1 July) 🤣

Knock, knock, this is the time to make the right jokes. Use a GIF meme maker and share the funniest joke you know with the world.


Independence Day (4 July) 🇺🇸

As people all across the USA celebrate, take a moment to join in by crafting a stunning slow motion video of impressive fireworks shows or colorful parties. 


International Chess Day (20 July) ♟️

Dive into the world of strategy and checkmates, and whether you’re a grandmaster or a chess newbie, share meaningful content on chess moves basics, advanced strategies, or interviews of chess champions. 



World Wide Web Day (1 August) 🌐

Let’s give a shoutout to the almighty internet for connecting us, and being our go-to for knowledge, inspiration, and progress. Showcase the power of the internet with a slideshow that presents its history, or make a compilation of the most exciting internet facts you can find. 


Cat day (8 July) 🐈‍⬛🐈

Celebrate your feline companion by filming their daily routine or creating a funny, sassy voice over video. After all, the internet truly is in love with cats.


Relaxation day (15) 🦥🛌

Not that anybody needs a pretext to wind down, but this day is all about chilling. 


Dog day (26 July) 🦮🐕

Relentless sight guides, dedicated rescuers, and the fluffiest best friends humans can ask for. Make a slideshow of your puppy growing up into a dog, or go vlog an entire day of adventures and treats.



Read a book day (6 September)📚

This day is any bookworm’s favorite, as we’ll celebrate the world of imagination and metaphors. Spread the love for reading by using a  book trailer maker and encouraging people all over the world to dive right into their favorite pages.

Dream day (25) 💭

The power of dreams coming true is a great reason to celebrate! Enter the world of imagination and creativity by sharing a tutorial on creating a dream journal or teaching your viewers how to chase their dreams through video-snippet vision boards.


International Podcast Day (30) 🎙️

We all listen to them, and we all love them, so why not share some behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers you can effortlessly edit with this podcast video maker?



International Coffee Day (1 October) ☕

Fuel up and raise your favorite mug to celebrate joy with every sip on Coffee Day. Imagine a video loop shot of hot coffee being poured again, again, and again. Now, that’s what we call ASMR!


Smile Day (4 October) 😄

What’s a better way to put a smile on anyone’s face than using a funny video maker to brighten their day?


Teachers Day (5 October) 🧑‍🏫

Hats off to all teachers who are relentless agents of change through education. Whether it’s physically in schools or through online video courses, they deserve high praise!


World Mental Health Day (10 October) 🤝

This day can be a gentle reminder that we never know who is fighting an invisible battle. Spread awareness by sharing gentle nudges towards mindful breaks. 

World Food Day (16 October) 🍲

Feeling snack-ish? Serve up your viewers a digital treat with behind-the-scenes footage or cool, quick recipes. Remember that the recipe for the best video includes sugar, spice, and something else nice.


Halloween (31 October) 🎃

The spookiest night of the year is the delight of children and adults. Craft a digital trick-or-treat and add stickers to your video to customize videos of funky Halloween costumes.



Dia de Los Muertos (31 October - 2 November) 🇲🇽⚰️

Honoring departed dear ones is never easy. Cherish their memory by celebrating their life with a memorial video maker to reminisce alongside their loved ones.


Thanksgiving (28 November) 🦃

What are you grateful for? We’re glad that Thanksgiving video templates exist, and we can share memories we’re grateful for.


Black Friday 🛍️

The perfect day (sometimes turned week) for shoppers and sellers has taken the internet by storm in the past couple of years. Take advantage of this occasion to use a video ad maker or a product video maker to showcase your best deals.



Christmas Day (25 December) 🎄

Have a holly-jolly Christmas and celebrate one of the most beloved days of the year by sharing the holiday magic through a digital gift in the form of a video. Try out a dedicated Christmas video maker and spread some online joy.

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