Boost your advertising with our AI-Powered Video Ads Maker

Start crafting ads that convert effortlessly, whether this is your first video ad or your next big campaign.
Boost your advertising with our AI-Powered Video Ads Maker

The AI-powered video generator for creators who value their time

Birthday video maker

Creating captivating video ads has never been easier. Whether launching your first video ad campaign or scaling up your marketing efforts, Flixier has the tools and features you need to succeed on any platform: Facebook ads, Instagram ads, TikTok ads, banner ads, and many more. You can automatically generate subtitles, translate them into multiple languages, repurpose any text into a video, add human-like AI voiceovers (we’ve got 580+ of them in over 20 languages), enhance the quality of your recordings, and so much more. All in a few clicks and a couple of seconds. 

Break down knowledge barriers, reach a global audience, and improve your ads’ ROI. Our AI-powered video ads maker requires no experience, just creative ideas.

Say goodbye to budget constraints or the time-consuming process of outsourcing video creation. Our video ads maker requires no experience, just creative ideas.

Boost your advertising with our AI-Powered Video Ads MakerPlay

How to make video ads with Flixier


1. Upload your assets

Bring your files from your computer, your cloud storage, or browse our premium stock footage libraries to find the perfect media for your video ad.


2. Edit your video ad

Bring your assets to the timeline, add text in various fonts, use animations, place directional buttons, transitions and so much more. You can select audio from our rich royalty-free stock music library or use our AI text-to-speech tool to generate human-sounding voiceovers in 20+ languages. We have over 580+ voices to choose from.


3. Download or publish

Choose from posting directly to social media, cloud storage services (Drive, Dropbox, and more), or just download it locally and use it later.

Spread your message with promo video ads

Create engaging promo video ads that grab attention and drive conversions with Flixier’s intuitive video editor. Add professional voiceovers in over 20 languages to reach a global audience. Go one step further and automatically generate subtitles for your content to maximize accessibility. 

Grow your business with social media ads

Craft social media marketing ads that stand out in any feed effortlessly. Add voiceovers to your videos with the most advanced text-to-speech engine. Flixier comes packed with professionally created motion titles, overlays, and animated calls to action that you can drag and drop on your video and customize however you like. 

Build your audience with brand awareness ads 

Create high-quality videos that showcase your brand's unique story and value proposition. Whether you're launching a new product, promoting an event, or raising awareness for your brand, Flixier provides the tools you need to create compelling ads that will hook your audience and stop it from scrolling away. 

More than a video ad maker

Facebook Ads Video Maker

Elevate your Facebook video advertising game. Craft captivating video ads tailored for Facebook's dynamic platform that drive engagement and conversions with ease.

Instagram Ads Video Maker

Make a splash with eye-catching Instagram video ads. Seamlessly create and customize ads that resonate with your audience and drive results. 

Product Video Maker 

Showcase your products like never before. From highlighting features to demonstrating use cases, create compelling product videos that captivate and convert.

Why use Flixier as your video ad maker:

Hiring actors or buying real footage is expensive

Browse through our rich built-in stock library to find just the perfect footage, GIF, or sound to add the finishing touches to your video advertisement. Fill in the gaps and respect copyright guidelines effortlessly. Hiring actors or allocating high budgets for quality footage is no longer problematic when professional content is at your fingertips.

You don’t have the budget for professional video editing

Creating a high-quality video ad - with all the bells and whistles - can be expensive. Integrate animated calls to action, overlays, or motion titles that entice watchers to become clients. Why not personalize it to match your brand? Take your pick from 1000+ font families or upload your own and create unforgettable video ads that your branding team will approve. 

Online ad templates don’t match your brand’s image 

Create polished and professional video ads that reflect the quality and professionalism of your brand and stand out in a sea of copy-pasted ads. Add logos, custom fonts, branded photos, videos, GIFs, and other visual assets for all projects. 

Video editing has a learning curve and so many variables

if you're unfamiliar with video editing, creating a video ad can be difficult and time-consuming. Especially when you’re targeting multiple platforms. Our professional-level video ads maker is super-fast, easy to use, and will make generating video ads compatible with TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook a breeze.

What people say about Flixier

Steve Mastroianni -

I’ve been looking for a solution like Flixier for years. Now that my virtual team and I can edit projects together on the cloud with Flixier, it tripled my company’s video output! Super easy to use and unbelievably quick exports.

Steve Mastroianni -
Evgeni Kogan

My main criteria for an editor was that the interface is familiar and most importantly that the renders were in the cloud and super fast. Flixier more than delivered in both. I've now been using it daily to edit Facebook videos for my 1M follower page.

Evgeni Kogan
Anja Winter, Owner, LearnGermanWithAnja

I'm so relieved I found Flixier. I have a YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers and Flixier allows me to collaborate seamlessly with my team, they can work from any device at any time plus, renders are cloud powered and super super fast on any computer.

Anja Winter, Owner, LearnGermanWithAnja

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How do I create an online video ad?

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What is the best free advertisement video maker?

What is the best video ad maker?
What is the best video ad maker?

How do I write a video ad script?
How do I write a video ad script?

How to add subtitles to video ads?
How to add subtitles to video ads?

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