The fastest video editing workflow

Flixier offers 1 minute exports on any device, advanced video editing features, streamlined collaboration, and plenty of cloud storage – all in the browser.

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Blazing fast video exports

With Flixier you can export any video using any computer in under one minute, you are no longer held back by your hardware. Avoid frustrations caused by slow and unresponsive computers, just focus on the work you love.

Collaborate with everyone, at every phase

Each team member and stakeholder stays in sync along the way - across any platform

The stakeholders

Simply send a link to collect feedback and get change requests. Allow stakeholders to add time based comments that show up directly in your editor.

The library

Share your library and projects with team members with a click of a button. No more fussing around with shared drives and additional tools.

The team

Collaborate in context and in real time. Never worry about your project being out of date or overwriting each other’s work. Simply send an invite and collaborate.

Supercharged online video editor

Explore a few of our favourite features, reimagined to improve your workflow.

Cloud Storage

Flixier incorporates a cloud powered Storage solution which frees you from all the storage inconveniences you ever encountered

Export once

With our advanced collaboration features you only need to export when the project is complete. Oh 🤭 - and it only takes 1 minute to export any video.

Advanced editing

Built on the latest technology available Flixier has advanced features to suit all your editing needs while running smooth in your browser.

Asset libraries

To speed up your workflow we offer seamless access to renown external asset libraries. Drag and drop content and get going.

Securely connect teams, fonts, and libraries across your entire company.

Explore a few of our favourite features, reimagined to improve your workflow.

Dramatically speed up your video editing