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Merge YouTube videos online

Merge YouTube videos in your browser with just a few clicks. Copy and paste the links of the YouTube videos you want to join in our YouTube video combiner, order them however you like and then publish them back to YouTube or download them on your computer.

YouTube Video Combiner

Combine YouTube videos easily

The easy to use interface makes combining YoTube videos a breeze. Avoid having to deal with complex tools that take a long time to learn. In Flixier you just need to click a few buttons to combine YouTube videos.

YouTube video combiner with transitions

With our YouTube video combiner you can take your videos to the next level by adding transitions between videos. Choose from over 50 transitions to make your videos look professional and make them more engaging.

Join YouTube videos in minutes

Because Flixier is cloud powered and imports videos directly from YouTube you don’t need to spend a long time waiting for them to download and then waste even more time for video tools to process them.

Merge multiple YouTube videos online

Flixier lets you merge multiple YouTube videos online and that means that you can merge videos from any device at any time. You can start a merge project at work and finish it at home or on the go without having to install any software.

How to merge YouTube videos

How to merge YouTube videos
Add YouTube videos to Flixier

Start by copying and pasting a link to 2 or more YouTube videos in Flixier, this will import the videos you want to merge in the library. Due to the direct integration this will be very fast and will avoid time consuming downloads.

Merge YouTube videos

When the videos are added on the timeline you can click and drag them to move them around and position however you want them to look. At any time you can preview your video in real-time. At this step you can also add transitions to the merge points of your videos.

Publish merged YouTube videos

When ready you can publish your video back to YouTube directly from Flixier. You can add a description, thumbnail, tags, and even schedule a post date. Of course you can download the video locally on your computer if you want to use it later.

Why use Flixier to Merge YouTube videos

Combine YouTube videos with text

When you combine YouTube videos with Flixier you also have the ability to add text to them. You can add animated text, static text or even subtitles. In this way you can deliver information more effectively and make videos more engaging

Powerful online video joiner

Flixier is also a powerful online video joiner that lets you adjust your videos until you make them perfect. Make beautiful videos that look professional by adding effects, transitions, overlays, subtitles and much more with our easy to use editor.

Merge MP4 videos

In Flixier you can also merge MP4 videos with YouTube videos or any other kind of file type. You don’t have to deal with video conversions, just import your videos and Flixier takes care of everything.

Repurpose YouTube videos

YouTube content is extremely valuable but an effective strategy for distributing it to other channels will help you reap as much value as possible from your content. Share YouTube to Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat without wasting time creating a ton of new content. Import your YouTube video in Flixier, crop it and trim it to make it more engaging for short format platforms.


I’ve been looking for a solution like Flixier for years. Now that my virtual team and I can edit projects together on the cloud with Flixier, it tripled my company’s video output! Super easy to use and unbelievably quick exports.

Steve Mastroianni -

My main criteria for an editor was that the interface is familiar and most importantly that the renders were in the cloud and super fast. Flixier more than delivered in both. I've now been using it daily to edit Facebook videos for my 1M follower page.

Evgeni Kogan

I'm so relieved I found Flixier. I have a YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers and Flixier allows me to collaborate seamlessly with my team, they can work from any device at any time plus, renders are cloud powered and super super fast on any computer.

Anja Winter, Owner, LearnGermanWithAnja

Frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team

Can you combine videos on YouTube?

Can you combine videos on YouTube?

You can’t directly combine videos on YouTube but with Flixier you can easily copy paste links of YouTube videos and have them merged in just a few clicks. You can merge as many videos as you want in just a couple of minutes.

Can you merge videos on YouTube?

Can you merge videos on YouTube?

You can’t merge videos on YouTube but with a tool like Flixier merging YouTube videos online is super easy. Just copy and paste the links of the videos you want to merge, order them however you like on the timeline and publish the merged video back to YouTube, all in a few minutes.

How can I merge videos together for free?

How can I merge videos together for free?

By using Flixier you can merge up to 10 minutes of videos each month for free. All the features of the editor are available on the free version so you can add transitions, animated text, overlays, effects and much more.

How can I merge videos together for free?

How can I merge videos together for free?

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