Delete files and projects

To delete your Media files, head over to the main dashboard and click on the “Media Library” tab. Right-click on any of your media files and select “Delete”. Keep note that the media files that are used in your projects can’t be deleted, you first need to delete the projects that contain them. We made this choice to avoid situations where projects get ruined by a cleanup session.

You can also delete media files from the editing interface, make sure that the library tab is selected and then right click on a file or folder that you want to delete. 

To delete projects, go to the “Projects tab” and hover your cursor over the project.  Three dots will appear on their left corner. Press on the dots and click on the “Delete Selected” option.

To delete multiple projects or media files, hold on CTRL or CMD and left-click the projects or media files you want to delete. A yellow border will appear on every selected item, once you’re done selecting, right click on any of them and press on the “Delete Selected” option. 

TIP1: Projects and exports don’t have an impact on your cloud storage, to free up space, media files must be deleted.

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